Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In the BROADest sense of the word...

See that face? That face is the face I make when I don't get my way, but not in a tantrum kind of way. The face that I make when things are Topsy turvy and I feel like I have no control over their outcome. It's also the face of determination, perseverance and is the nicest way I can say "Screw that, I'm DOING this." If you knew me back in the day, high school, after that some, you've more than likely been a recipient of that face. I don't do NO well. Eventually, though, it happens, things sort themselves out and I stop looking like that. It's Katherine Hepburn, a Vanity Fair shot. She was a broad, much in the way that Lauren Bacall, Kathleen Turner, Stockard Channing, Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz and Diane Lane are. Yes, those are my heroes, BROAD wise. They don't do things they don't believe in. THAT, my friends is the key. Where is the line you draw that says, 'yeah, no, not gonna happen.' What I love about being a broad is that most of the time I am on top of the balance that is strong and still feminine at the same time. I think strong women are a necessity and a wonder in this age. My generation birthed many. We are lucky, because the things we teach our children, nieces, and nephews will carry on. I am trying something, WWDD, "What would Diane do?" over the next few days, and see if it makes the difference in my dealings. I'm sure it will. When I feel confident, I can do ANYTHING, and I feel like the power that is the BROAD in me is overflowing today. The interview went so well. I was so pleased. I also applied for two other administrative positions within the company, so we'll see what happens.
I'll tell you what Diane would do with the cleaning that needed to be done around my house. She would have made her kids pitch in and help. My kid is away. Master Bathroom, Dishwasher, Master Bedroom, you were overcome.

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