Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Order and Light

Happy Fall Solstice!
The House of Blues, Orlando has two for 1 tickets, $10.13 plus tax, available to the The Psychedelic Furs/Happy Mondays show. As much as I know I can sit through and enjoy Richard Butler, I cannot at all enjoy aging bovver boy Shaun Ryder and because I don't know who is opening for who...I pass.
Last night did a list of lists, (stock photo) ended up with 250 things I want to do before I die. I guess that means it's a bucket list. I'm sure there is more, but that was a great start. It was fun and things were in no apparent order and some things I can't do now due to financial concerns (set up a scholarship in Chel's name at FSC for single parent children who need financial aid) or because the people don't exist yet, (Grandchildren), but I am going to make a big run at the list. I mean I must have at least another 42 years I reckon, if not more as only the good die young.
Chel comes home on Friday for the weekend. We live an hour away from the university so she felt it was just silly for me to drive up for parent's weekend. We'd rather be here and go to the movies and chill mother/daughter anyway. I'm excited to see her. Just got off the phone with her and she seems good except for roommate problems, cramped quarters will do that to you. If I had my way she would have gotten a larger room or more roommates, it's difficult when there's just two of you. Also, I'm going to have her go through her stuff and decide really what she wants to get rid of because I need to get started on this culling in the house.
The treadmill, alas, did not happen. Other stuff is though. Those folders we bought at Target? Being utilized this evening. I am purging every slip of paper that is in a big old Rubbermaid tub and sorting it into HOUSE DECOR, TRAVEL, FASHION, PRESSIES, FINANCIAL, PHOTOGRAPHY, and FITNESS categories, and they each get a folder. I feel uber organized just looking at it all and I haven't even started the actual purge. I know it sounds ridiculous coming out of my mouth when I say it but "I can't create under these circumstances" or "I can't even think in here" is true when I have disorder around me visually. I'm not anal and I'm certainly not BREE from Desperate Housewives as far as the house being spotless, but I need order. This is a good start on it. Kicking away...

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