Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Morning you sure look fine...The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer
It's automatic, it's hydromatic, no, it's LISTOMATIC - to do this next month
Take Chel out for her birthday
Put lawn service on hold
Call FSC Financial AId to get Chel's Fall Tuition reviewed
Send cards
Package up Goodwill stuff, take it down there
Call Fee
Decide on which 2 of the 3 HOB shows in September are the most important to me
- Citizen Cope 9/11, James 9/21, The Black Crowes 9/22,
Get tix for the Joshua Radin/Script show on 10/29
Get fares for mom's trip to MD
Set up initial appt at Cele Health
Clear out office
Set up website come hell or high water
Set up order for business cards
Go down to Mother Falcon with logo and price out shirts etc.
Oh, yeah... go to the day job....
The prodigal son, Mike, texted me the other night, in bits and pieces of Boondock Saintisms. It was a good laugh trying to have the coversation in just quotes from Boondocks. I miss him. He's working, and coming home soon (3-4 weeks).
Michael Fassbender is in X-Men as young Magneto -- THAT? Makes me beyond happy :)
Matt Mackelcan show at House of Blues with Corey Smith was great, Matt was in fine form, dancing around with the guitar, in great voice, met the new band members seem like fine fellows, great musicians, how can I go wrong? Was only allowed to shoot the first three songs, so not a lot of shots taken, but next show is at a normal bar with no photographer time limits, so I'll take a ton there. Road Trip to the Windjammer soon.
Tomorrow is 2nd shoot with this new talent Justin. Should be interesting, scouted some new locations I may use in this instance so looking forward to that. Cameron and Maddie will be shooting soon as well, they always give quality even when goofing around. Cam, David, Justin, Mike and maybe Josh(when and if he comes home) have a shoot in August, guys doing guy stuff...
Real update later - popping in before BAZINGA! Hope all is well. In the mean, have a brilliant brilliant.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Highland way.. oh... and the bliss that is Sonic

Trying keep the zen that is this picture, but it is getting increasingly more difficult.
I had a full post and we lost power - the trials of blogging here at work...
Last night found out that Pudge Rodriquez is STILL in baseball, go you Mr. Man! I also found out that Chipper Jones is retiring. Way to make me feel ancient Chipper! I was there when you were an infant who had just made it to the big show and now this?! God almighty, time flies!
You know what else I found out? Winnie the Pooh and his friends (yes, THE REAL POOH BEAR, not disney pooh, not classic pooh,)all live at the New York Public library. Yet another reason to visit the fine city again. (Besides seeing Daniel Cole and the Mrs.)
Something happened this week that has put a full on STOP to plans on a grand scale, affecting every part of our lives. It's not our fault either, it's just a bitch of a situation. I HATE it when things I have absolutely no control over can just turn life and plans upside indiscriminately. Not that my plans were grand, but they were still plans. But we'll do what we do, fight hard, survive, live (the Highland way...)and this we will get through. I'm just over this and some other things and a renovation on everything/one/place is in the works soon, methinks.
On a good note, my father's eye surgery went well and he is expected to be able to go back to VA the 2nd week of July barring anything coming up bad at the follow up on Monday.
The photography is good. I have shoots scheduled, locations scouted, new models booked, a wedding booked, pregnancy shoot booked, layout for the book drafted up,the first round of Proust questionnaires are out, waiting on responses on those for the book, and will be sending out the 2nd round on Tuesday or Weds. The process is a long one, but I am excited about seeing the finished product. New business cards, photocards and branding design done, just need to be ordered. At some point, maybe after the daughter is finished with University, the photography can be more income producing because I might be able to devote FT hours to it as opposed to 1/4 time that I am able to now. I am aiming to have that balance be 50/50 by years end. We'll see how everything pands out. Till the the day job stays.
Russell Crowe has signed to be in a big screen version of The Equalizer, -- I wasn't a huge fan of the show, but if Russell is involved, I'll give the movie a chance.
I recently has SONIC for the first time ever. Needless to say, I am hooked. I have never in my life, had a better bacon sammy. I don't do tomato's so my BLT is a BL sandwich and this was amazing, texas toast, thick cut brown to a crisp bacon, no visible fate, it was AMAZING, paired with my strawberry slushy thing they do, I was in heaven. How is it possible I had never had this before I don't even know. I can assure you, I will be a frequent guest :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don’t Be Afraid to Re-Evaluate and link love

NEW MANTRA --- Concentrate your hopeful attitude on a positive outcome and Don’t Be Afraid to Re-Evaluate
Often times, I am asked by various friends how I have coupons for so many things. Well besides the fact that I am the crazy coupon woman, I also am a member of various quality coupon sites and rewards programs. I am happy to start sharing those programs here. Today is VOCALPOINT. It is free to sign up and free to participate. I receive an email from VOCALPOINT every week or so and give my opinion on products I have tried or the emails ask me if I want to try some product and they send said product out and I review said product. I'm not getting paid to do that. However, more often than not, that product comes with coupons. Sometimes even a coupon for the product FREE, and coupons for $1 or $2 off to give out to friends. I enjoy programs like this, my mailbox is always full, of these types of samples, products to try, so if you are interested, VOCALPOINT is a good place to get your feet wet.
---------------- is another good place to start. Kraft offers up samples and high value coupons for all sorts of their products. Some products are sent to your home and others you can just print out the coupons and get them at the store and try them. I always give feedback as a)I'm an opinionated broad and b)they appreciate it and it helps the marketing people know what people want in future products and coupon offerings. Again - it's free to sign up and participate.
FYI - I am having serious wanderlust, I dreamt last night I was walking through fields of green and then on the pier of some lake/ocean/random body of water (neither of which I am anywhere near, what with being landlocked in the this suburban scene) and I woke up thinking it must have been North or South Carolina, which i have no real connection with barring my paternal grandmother (whom I am not close to) still lives there and an ex boyfriend (amicable split - I know, you can't believe it right?)used to live there. I YEARN YEARN to get moving. I stayed in MD for 10 years -- but I also traveled to Germany during that time and many day trips here and there, I am going on 6 years here, so I am not surprised this feeling is kicking in. It's quite dangerous, as my motto has always been 'If I'm not happy I'm gone', in pretty much every aspect of my life. It's not that I'm not happy, I just need to see new faces, new places, be away for a while, Chel is still in school at FSC, so I'm not going anywhere permanently until later, but I can assure you I will be moving, even if it's just to a new house or a new neighbourhood. Chelsea must also be feeling it because she just sent me a text that said "I want to emigrate back to England somedaaaayyyy" I smiled and sent back a text "ah, yes, but TODAY, is not that day" (She still has 3 more years of University left here in FL). I can also assure you that I will be taking more time to travel even if it;s just day/weekend trips, because otherwise one day we'll wake up and just get in the car and as my ever talented friend Matt Mackelcan sings "I'll just drive... down on 95...."

nikoretro,flickr -- THAT? made me happier than you know - I LOVE lurve Luv blue cheese!
Boondock Saints Prayer as best I can figure - in Irish - (again, really only for my own knowledge) ~ Agus beimid inár n-aoirí ar do shonsa, a Thiarna, ar do shonsa.
Tá cumhacht tagtha anuas ó do lámh,
ionas go gcomhlíonadh ár gcosa do thoil go tapaidh.
Sruthóimid ar aghaidh mar abhainn chugat
Agus plódaithe le hanamacha a bheidh sí go deo.

In ainm an Athar, agus an Mhic, agus an Spioraid Naomh
Speaking of that - This man makes me laugh till I cry
It's been lovely - see you soon :) Til Then have a Brilliant Brilliant

Thursday, May 13, 2010

There’s no finish line. Link Love, Movietimes,

Am looking for some new music to put on some mix cds for an upcoming road trip to NC. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
"What’s something you know now about happiness that you didn’t know when you were 18 years old?" asked Gretchen Rubin. "There’s no finish line." replied Larry Smith - Smith Magazine -- THAT? Probably the biggest thing I have learned in my 25 years since becoming an "adult". Every time I think that I have a handle on it - it turns out I don't. I'm not sure that any of us ever will. That said, in the words of my friend Cameron Ivey - "Without the fright, standing on a line, I might as well call it a night." I'm tired of running the marathon - where's the finish line? Is it after your children leave the nest? After your 50th birthday? When you are made a Mgr at your job? When you have a cool Million in the bank? When? Anybody know- please bring me on board with an answer, otherwise I'm going with there just isn't one, we keep pushing on.
I never tire of this and often listen just to get some french in.. AND THE CROCODILE and HIPPOPOTAMU!! OH MY!
I am in love with these two songs- Matt MacKelcan's "Drive"
and "Black Summer" by The Country Slashers.
They are on rotate right now. Mind you, I love all of Matt's stuff and Jason's voice gives me chills, so anything they play is great. If you're looking for new music to get into, I highly recommend both bands.
I'm a big Bass girl, it's Lou's fault, he knows, but anyhoo--- I highly recommend this man and his brilliant fingers... James McKeever Check out his player - great stuff. If you're a purist, "Blues for Roger" is gorgeous.
Ian McKellan is turning 71 on the 28th of this month. 71. I truly truly hope we get back to London and I get to meet him before anything happens. It astounds me that he has done so much in the time given. I only have a few OMG! moments when it comes to celebrities, but it's McKellan. I won't rest till I do.
Just for fun: and part of my continuing I love....

Small things I rely on constantly:
1. Tweezers. I have used mine to the point where you can't see the brand name on the side. Love mine!
2. Baggies. I carry at least one in my purse all the time, change, ink cartridges, eye shadow brushes, who knows, but it's all contained in a baggie.
3. Pens. Papermate Write Bros. Medium tip Black Ink.
4. Scissors. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the desk, I use them almost 2x a day every day
LCL PHOTOGRAPHY - The first round of Proust questionnaires will be going out on Tuesday, please get them back as soon as you can, so I can start getting the soft draft set up. Thanks
I love movies so I leave you with a movie meme :
1. Name a movie that you have seen more than 10 times: Boondock Saints, Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World; Braveheart, Rob Roy, The Notebook, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, and The Empire Strikes Back, The Mummy Trilogy, The Bourne Trilogy, should I go on?

2. Name a movie that you've seen multiple times in a theatre: The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Master and Commander, Jay and Silent Bob Strike back

3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a movie: Ed Burns, Liam Neeson, Norman Reedus, Viggo Mortenson, Sean Bean, Sean Patrick Flannery, Ryan Gosling, Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe and Kurt Russell

4. Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a movie: Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey,

5. Name a movie that you can quote from: SEE ANY of the above movies

6. Name a movie musical that you know all the lyrics to all the songs: 0: I don't know ALL the lyrics to any musical except Les Miz and the movie they made for it was not a musical.

7. Name a movie that you have been known to sing along with: The Sound of Music

8. Name a movie that you would recommend everyone see: See all of the above movies

9. Name a movie that you own: See all of the above movies some I own all of these listed: theatrical version, director's version, multiple copies of each

10. Name an actor that launched his/her entertainment career in another medium but who has surprised you with his/her acting chops: Harry Connick Jr.

11. Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in?: Yes

12. Ever made out in a movie?: Yes

13. Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just haven't gotten around to it: Seven Pounds

14. Ever walked out of a movie?: twice I think

15. Name a movie that made you cry in the theatre - oh I don't know, I get very involved in film so probably a few

16. Popcorn?: About 10% of the time, not a big popcorn lover

17. How often do you go to the movies?: Maybe 20x a year. I wish I went more, I love the movies

18. What's the last movie you saw in the theater?: A Death in the family (The Chris Rock/Tracy Morgan thing)an America remake of the orig English film

19. What is your favorite/preferred genre of movie?: drama, then comedy

20. What was the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?: The very first movie I saw was TONY ROME, with Frank Sinitra and Jill St. John. I was 6 months old. The first one I remember seeing was a SINBAD movie (Sinbad the pirate explorer fighting a cyclopsy snake thing, I remember Medusa being in it)with my uncle. It was a matinee.
Have a brilliant brilliant

Saturday, May 8, 2010

whisper to a scream

The other night on the drive home, radio station played its "Friday night 80's stuff, asked for requests, ever hopeful I asked for Dramarama - Anything Anything or Last Cigarette, completely not expecting to get what I wanted, and indeed, dj did not have... hang the dj.... oh wait, that's a whole 'nother song....ANYWAY - he did play "Whisper to a Scream" by Icicle Works. That made me very happy, think about it when is the last time you heard that song... and of course, now I'm like this is why I need an IPOD, all these old songs that I keep hearing, and don't have in my collection. I am probably the only one friend you have that doesn't have an IPOD. My L and other friends always just make me mix cd's of things they think I'd like. Should I get an Ipod? I do LOVE my music. Thoughts?
Work keeps making me change my password every two or 3 months, and I'm not allowed to use any of my past ten passwords. Screwed, because I sit there attempting a bajillion times to log on using last time's password. This is Lou's and JWW's fault. :)
Had dinner with chicklet last night, she moves into summer dorms today, summer classes start on Monday and financial aid awards haven't hit her account yet, so of course I'm still on edge. I hate not knowing what my bottom line is on things. I'm all about the numbers - can handle anything as long as I know what it is I'm supposed to be looking at bottom line wise, but until that award hits, I have no idea what to budget for. Hate that. On a good note, her manager at the new job likes her and he is happy with her progress. She still has the on-site campus daycare job that she is probably still going to do in June on top of the Panera job and her one class a month. Busy girl, but that will help her with some spending money :)
Looking forward to going to South Carolina end of May to see a friend, Matt MacKelcan play a show with Carbon Leaf. I stopped promoting and help book bands ages ago as it was just taking too much out of me, what with dayjob, the photography, and family life. It was fun and I enjoyed helping musician friends do their thing, but it was just too much at once. I still support local music and always will, I just can't be physically there as often as I'd like. Priorities change, but it doesn't mean you like people less or don't support their efforts as much, I wish more people understood that.
Did my hair on Wednesday, am pleased with it, no pics up this time, because I was just plain lazy.
My Netflix queue has exploded, mainly due to the fact that I have tried to find all of Norman Reedus' main work. he has some off the wall indie stuff that I am sure is out there, but NF hasn't picked up yet - but also am interested in his directorial efforts - go to if you're interested in either Norman or his films/directorial efforts.

EXPLAIN this to me someone? PLEASE? Where is the beauty in these god awful ugly shoes and those like them and why do you continue to pay the ridiculous house payments to own them? Thank you.
for those other Norm and Sean/ Murphy and Connor/BDS fans out there

THIS? makes me laugh!
Going to see "Babies" this next week, I think I also want to see Iron Man, but only for Downey Jr and Sam Rockwell, I love Rockwell - I recommend everything he has ever been in but especially this last film Chelsea and I saw together with him in "Moon", it's good stuff.

Friday, April 30, 2010

I wanna hold your hand...

There are days, and mind you, they don't happen often, but there are days that I miss being up north. Miss the first snow, the fireplace, the wind, the crunch of the Fall leaves under my boots. We had NOAH rain the other night and it was intense and it just reminded me how nice it was to be a fireplace owenr. I live in Florida now where the need for a fireplace is NIL. So, yes, missing the Fall in MD a bit. Come on Fall...
---------------------- is a shop I will be spending money at in the future. I am interested in getting Chel's picture done. We already have a charcoal of her when she was young and I'd like one now as a comparison shot to put side by side. I think Yasmine's fab!
---------------------- -- also a great organization and will be getting both my money and my work as well.
Took my car in for the recall notice on the cracked fuel pump and indeed, I had one, $42.00 later (filled up gas tank) and we were on our way. It's a good thing it was covered because Lord knows I didn't have $800 just lying around to get it fixed.
Found out I won a signed Tampa Bay Bucs jersey. Apparantly signed by a major player Rhonde Barber, a co worker asked to buy it off me. The funny thing is... I don't even like football all that much - I do watch some but not like baseball. Giving it to my father for one of his Christmas pressies.

Had lunch with the chicklet the other day, it was nice as always, she held my hand as we were crossing streets. I tell you this because she NEVER and I do mean never, holds my hand. She'll hold my mother's, my sister's, sometimes even my dad's but she doesn't ever hold mine. My heart almost exploded when she did it. I literally do not know of a mother and daughter who are closer than we are, but that's just something she stopped doing with me when she was about 9.

Really this is just here because I hadn't posted any photography really in a while. I am hoping to have some portraiture shoots in the next month, we'll see, but in the mean, I love that shot of Josh Wilson.
FREE Comic Book Day: Saturday, May 1st, you can snag a FREE Comic Book at participating comic book shops across North America and around the world; be sure to check with your local shop for their participation and rules.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

7 Things wot r awesome! Farmer Collette

7 Things wot r awesome this week :):
1)I got to have dinner with my baby girl last night. Nothing fancy, just Friday's and talking and laughing and talking. She's only here for last night and today. A friend's baby shower and then she's back at school for finals week. After that she'll be staying on at a friend's house so she can attend her Sr. sister's graduation and then she is back in residence halls for Summer session, which she is taking to get some required courses out of the way while she is working at Panera and the day care center on site at school. Wow to be 18 again, well, almost 19, and have that kind of energy and determination.
2)Dogs in cars with their heads hanging out the windows, tongues a flappin in the breeze. It's almost as if they are smiling :)
3)The fact that I petted a gopher turtle this weekend, and the fact that I didn't run over a armadillo making his way across one of our busier back streets late last night.
4)I am employed.
5)The Sunday paper and all the ads and coupon inserts that come with it.
6)Helping women who are old enough to be my grandmother program their remote control so that the cable AND the tv turn on and off at the same time and being told I am a "computer guru' because of it. LOL
7)The sun shining through work windows reminding me that even though I am in here, the world is lovely and bright this fine Sunday morning.
This evening is grocery shopping - my cart full of produce. Do you ever get to that point where you are literally craving nothing but veg and fruit? Cold, crisp, wet fresh produce? It only hits me every once in a while, but when it does, I have to run and take advantage of the feeling. My sister has planted that great container garden, cucumbers, peppers, spices, tomatoes, three different kinds of lettuce, and it's yummo lettuce, I can't wait for the cucs to start coming in. So, tonight me and the cucumbers, canteloupe and leafy greens are having a party!
This week is going to be busy - GBC in the house, the focus is the desk/files/storage bins and my daughter's bedroom. That itself is going to be the feat, if I can get that done, it will be a productive week. I am also taking the car in for a fuel leak that Volvo has recalled for, so no cost repair - woohoo! Various and sundry errands with the mother/sister and maybe a day of movies for me. Looking forward to it.
My reunion was last week, and although I was unable to attend (LIMA, PERU Class of 1985), I enjoyed looking at all the pictures everyone posted on their various facebooks/blogs etc. We had a GOOD LOOKING class, and damn didn't most of us just get better with age. Everyone looked like they had an absolute blast and I wouldn't have expected anything less than that from us. Next time, time and resources permitting I'll attend.