Friday, November 27, 2009

In which I recap (the no tryptophan episode)

Because my family is pretty unconventional anyway, and my father is not actually in the state this holiday, my mother, sister, my daughter and I decided what better way to spend Thanksgiving Lunner (early dinner, late lunch) at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney and then heading over to AMC Pleasure Island to see "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (mom and I) and "Pirate Radio" (L and Chel). Highly disappointed with "Fantastic Mr. Fox". Was happy to see that the rat was Willem Dafoe though :) Pirate Radio, apparently was a BRILLIANT movie as per my sister, we'll probably see it together soon. I am also ecstatic because we finally get Boondock Saints here in FL. It is at Universal, so it'll be a little drive but worth it, and because I'm going to see it oh, 2 or 15 times, a nice theatre to see it in is a bonus.
Maybe it's just me, but some of the people "singing" at the Macy's parade and their songs are just noise, right?
I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.
--Alice Walker
Went and bought a phone. Chel and I went together on a Verizon family plan as it seems the majority of her friends have Verizon and so she gets free calls to them. I didn't care one way or another as long as I can call people, have people call me and text capabilities. As soon as I have it set up, I'll send out the number to those who need it.
As The Black Friday is nearing it's end, I went the whole day without buying anything but a soda. Yay me? I must say I TOTALLY missed being able to go out with my mom and sister and shop. I'll have to sort that out for next year.
It's a little less than 4 weeks till Christmas - I'm nowhere near done. I do have the holiday card envelopes addressed, so there's a starting point. We have a Secret Santa at work I am participating in, I have to buy for a little one (my 2nd cousin Fiona- now 5 years old, the youngest on my mother's side) which I haven't done in yonks and can't begin to imagine what to get her, and various and other sundry things I need to do. I need to do double time this next pay period.
Finding myself increasingly frustrated over the lack of Internet and working computer at my house. Am using Dad's computer until I get everything sorted out as far as high speed and a new computer at mine, which I hope will be sometime, end of December, early January, it's ridiculously hard to keep up with the blogs I love and the coupons and the email and fb etc. and still make it home at a decent hour.
Lots to do, a photoshoot tomorrow for family friends, getting my house ready for the holidays, laundry, and studying for what will be the worst quiz ever on Monday morning. Man did I earn this weekend.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunday Sunday and who made you God?, GBC

Excellent music on the ride home Friday! "Keep Me Hanging On"-Kim Wilde's version, "Chains Of Love"- Erasure, "Too Shy Shy"- Kajagoogoo and "Sentimental Street" - Night Ranger to name a few. Yes, it was Friday night 80's on Mix 107.3, and yes, I knew almost every word of all of those songs. Who doesn't love the 80's?!
Not usually political or uber religious in this blog, or in my life but I do have a few points I stand strong on and this is one of them. The fact that Patrick Kennedy has been denied his right to take communion by this jackass Dioceses Bishop (on the left Thomas Tobin)because of Kennedy's stance on abortion rights has me steamed beyond all means. This means Kennedy cannot take Communion in Rhode island, he'd have to leave his own state to participate. I am pro choice and not a catholic, but even if I was catholic, I would still be pro choice. No Bishop, Priest or Altar Boy is standing in my way of taking Communion if I so choose to do so. By the way, I was baptized Baptist, and although I don't attend church as often as my mother would like, I still maintain a relationship with God, and HELLO, a BISHOP is NOT GOD, (and in my opinion is unnecessary in one's relationship with GOD) therefore, I would still take communion on the first Sunday of every month if I so choose. Church and State people, Church and State.... where does he get off?
Black Friday is coming! I will be working so I will not be participating in the chaos that is this fine tradition of consumerism. As it is, the majority of my shopping will be done online, with a few things bought here and there as I can get to them on days off. I am lucky in that my family sends each other and email or tells each other clearly what we'd like or need and then we all work from that list. Just because something is on the list, doesn't mean you'll get it, but you might so put it on the list is pretty much the rule. It works for us and that way nobody is running around trying to find "The Perfect Gift" for someone who just can't make up their mind of what they want.
My L wrote that we only have 6 weeks to go till the end of the year. Can I tell you something? I looked at a horoscope sometime in September 2008 (when I was still unemployed) and it said that all the job drama would be finished by end of October 2009. I was offered the job on the 30th of October and started the 9th of November. Freaky? I think so. 6 weeks and I don't feel rushed, I don't feel like if I don't finish everything will go up in smoke. There's always next year. 2010, we have so much we can accomplish, I cannot wait! I have so many plans and you know what, this year I'm actually able to accomplish pretty much everything I have set out to do for me and mine. You can't imagine the peace that gives me. It's been a long 2 years, and I have learned soooooo much from those two years. Mistakes made, actions noted, won't make them again. I can assure you that.
Just got back from Target - clothes shopping for work, haven't done that in a long time so it was nice to buy some clothes for me and not have to justify it to terribly to myself.
Got a lot accomplished last night - dishes done, laundry two loads, the GBC in the family room as far as magazines is almost done, cleaned out both cars, took out trash, will continue on tonight. I know Sunday nights are supposed to be to relax before the chaos that is a Monday morning, but I'd rather be able to come home to a cleaner, more organized house. Have a Brilliant Brilliant.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Manly men, Link Love, HOLIDAYS

Well, People Magazine has decided that Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive in 2009. Clearly, they made a major mistake, because as you and I both know, Clive Owen, he of the gorgeous eyes on your left here, is the clear choice for such a title. I'm just saying. You know who I think is a doll and who's blog is just too too fun? He's a married man, so I will refrain from saying he's a cutie to boot, oh wait, messed that up... go to Disney, bowling shirts, fedoras, kids, memorabilia, kitsch, you name it, he's got it. Good stuff!
Photo: Brendan Lynch, Flickr
This? Quite Possibly the best thing on the planet. Eggo's make for a quick breakfast and they are so yummy! I can eat Eggo's anytime anywhere. Syrup, butter or just syrup by itself. I'm going to try it with peanut butter, so I can get some protein in the morning.
Speaking of food, the birthday party for Gerard went well, we had sandwiches, chips, brownies and cookies that I baked, and a decadent cake that Yves made. He's the owner of Swan City Bakery in Lakeland, FL His cheesecake is to die for apparently, I myself don't care for cheesecake, but that's what everyone else was gushing about. The chocolate decadence cake was what I was all about. So if y'all are local and you want some yummies for a party, he'll deliver. Which I may very well do, now that Chel is at school and I am left to baking on my own and was not as happy with the results.
Started holiday cards last night, it was fun. If you haven't already given me the addy and you'd like a card, you can email me here at and I'll get one out to you, otherwise, the rest of you, expect one soon :) It's now starting to feel like the Holidays are here, Black Friday ads are leaking, I see decorations up in stores, prices are being slashed everywhere, invitations to parties are being given out, I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! I should clarify that statement. I LOVE THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING THROUGH JANUARY 2ND! I'm getting excited to see everybody back home and presents and calling everybody, and the tree and the ornaments. Hi, I'm Collette and I'm a big Christmas fangrrrrl. Aren't you glad you decided to follow the blog? Have a brilliant brilliant.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She sells Sanctuary, now if I onlyknew for how much :)

Remember when I said I was going to see more shows from now on and this coming year? The Cult (see photo) played Hard Rock Orlando Saturday night. I won tickets. Did I go? No. The Cult had a few great hits, Fire Woman, She Sells Sanctuary, Love Removal Machine, Matt Sorum (far right, from Guns and Roses) has taken over drums, Ian Astbury is still a drama queen and their guitarist Billy Duffy (far left) is amazing, but I was just too tired. Relationship drama, and just general catching up on other things overcame the desire to go to Hard Rock. I don't regret missing the show, but I don't know if the opportunity arose again, I would have choosen the same way. If performance is a priority for me, and it is, then I should make more time for it.
Sunday, was supposed to have been a day of rest. I would have loved to do that, but I had laundry to do and a living room that looked like the magazine fairy came and dumped all of her load on my massive 36" round coffee table. Literally you could not see the top of the table for all that was on it. That and the kitchen needed a scrubdown and I needed to meal plan lunches. As I am quite possibly the only person in my family who doesn't care about football at all, for that matter, most sports, I was not swayed by the silliness that is men running after one another and toppling on top of each other to get a filled pigskin from one end of stadium to the other, and I was able to accomplish most on the to do list tonight. I say that all queen-like, know that as soon as I got home, I put on Forensic Files, and had that on in the background as I did chores, so really, I haven't won at all ;).
Chels gets proper inducted this weekend to her Sorority - Alpha Chi - so white dress shopping was a success, I hope the photographer is better than the man who shot her graduation ceremony photos, those were atrocious, needless to say, we didn't buy those. I take better shots that that guy and he has a storefront and staff. You can't just give any old person a few cameras and hope for the best at major life events, I wish the school had recognized that when shopping out vendors for the job.
In other news, I am still thinking about the Legal Administrative Assistant Certification. It has potential to be a good thing down the line, only problem is the timing, it's Thursday nights, now I think the new class starts October 2010, so maybe my schedule by then will work around classtime, so we'll see, but it's something to think about. I'm a damn good Admin, might as well get certified for it.
Off home, baking to do.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Key to it all.

Hello you gorgeous key, you! Not only do you represent my coveted piece of jewelry for the next year, you also symbolize the key to doors that are opening for the first time in a few years. Due to the new job and circumstances in other parts of my life changed or in the process of changing, doors that have been closed are now open. Yes, this key will be mine this year or by my birthday next. It means far too much for it not to be. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is for me to sit down her for the first time in a week and blog. To read email and be able to answer it, to read my friends blogs, to hop on twitter and see what's been happening. Ok, so it's 9:10 p.m. on a Friday night, but you know what? I'll take it. The house is quiet, I've had dinner, spent some time with the family and now? Now it's me time. Tonight, it was so freeing for me to delete the old business myspace and all email addresses attached to it. I have kept the rebranded business myspace page(see sidebar if you care to see the page with some of my work) and the email attached to that, but eliminating the other page helped out so much with time management as well as moving on to the next chapter of where the business is heading. I suppose the key is also to a door where I am heading. That is a good thing.
The "life list", which is what I have decided to rename my bucket list (I don't like that term) has had a few check marks completed in the last two weeks, so that's exciting. Still have so much to do, on average a woman lives to be what, 90? Gotta get movin' on that list ;)
Edwin McCain is coming to town again December 28th. House of Blues. I've shot his show before, so this time it will be nice to just sit and enjoy and listen as opposed to being worried about the lighting or having to adjust exposures, etc. It's a Monday night, I'm off and I'm going. It's another thing that is starting the New Year off right for me, I'm going to more shows, more plays, more exhibitions. I stopped going out and doing it for various and sundry reasons and now, really other than exorbitant ticket prices, I'm not seeing anything stopping me this year from seeing/doing/hearing what I want.
It's official, there is a day for everything and November 15 is Clean Out Your Fridge Day. I did not know that. Good to know. I pretty much did it last week, but I'll see if there's any drips, etc that needed cleaning up.
Some of the Christmas presents I ordered have started trickling in. I'm tempted to buy some wrapping paper at the end of the week and just start wrapping stuff as it comes in. One less thing to do the week of Christmas, especially as I get NO days off that week, including Christmas (I work 12-9), so maybe getting a head start is what I should be doing. Starting to address the holiday cards now.
WOW, I feel like I just threw up all this pent up stuff all over the blog. I know I will make the time to sit and enjoy the silence more often. Man did I miss this.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New logo for business, foodings,

This is the prototype of my new logo for the photography business. I had a white cotton tee shirt made with this logo in black placed on the bottom left corner of the shirt to see how much I liked it. I love it. The only tweak I am thinking about is making the "O" in the middle a camera lens. New cards will have to be made up but that's good, I need to get re branded all around. Am thisclose to deleting the old myspace accounts and the extra facebook and starting fresh. All the other photographers in this town use their names, and really, mine is so much I mean how many Collette's do you know? So yay for new vision.
Today brought yet another reason for me to be thankful. One of the things on my LIST that is an ongoing list to make my life fuller in all sorts of different ways, I was able to do. It made me happy to do it and also gave me a way to show gratitude to the power that is, the force that listens. I think everyone should make a list and try and do something on the list, even if it's an ongoing self-improvement thing, like giving gratitude on a daily basis, every day.
I lost 2 pounds last week. I am hopeful that next week will show the same if not 2 pounds more lost. We shall see. Regardless, when I went grocery shopping today, it was with healthy meals in mind. Let me tell you something as well, I bought tomatoes. I don't think I have ever bought tomatoes. I don't care for them unless they are in a sauce or chopped up in salads, and I'm talking chopped up. But I did, I bought some romas, because my L told me I could chop them as fine as those ones I love, without too many seeds, so I'm going to give them a try with my gorgeous lettuce and cucumbers... I know I'm SOOOOOO adventurous with my salad, right?Mind you, I say this whilst eating Stouffers Mac and Cheese (my comfort food if I ever had one...)

Leave it to Isaac Mizrahi to come up with craziness. His line for Liz Claiborne is too too fun and very me. But this? I love this idea! It's tartan cheesecake. I myself do not care for cheesecake, but I LOVE TARTAN and would most definitely buy one for entertaining at the holidays. Brilliant, this.
While we are on the subject of food... the glazed carrots at Cracker Barrel. I know, I know, you're shaking your head "CRACKER BARREL?!", but I am an addict for those carrots. Believe me, if I could get the recipe and just do it at home, I'd never go there.
Now, Ya'll will just have to excuse me while I go kick my sister's arse at Yahtzee :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Light, Christmas, Free Popcorn tin baby!

Hurry! The Popcorn Factory is offering a great freebie! Do you have a son or daughter in college? If you sign as a fan of The Popcorn Factory on their Facebook page then they will send a FREE college care package to your favorite student!Offer is limited to first 3,000 participants! What college student doesn't love popcorn? The Popcorn Factory makes the most wonderful popcorn!
"You will fear the darkness only to the extent that you yourself are not providing light." Marianne Williamson
The Birthday Party shoot at Pulse the other night was fruitful, lots of good shots of the birthday girl and her friends. It was great to be doing it again. Uploading the final product later today.
Today is final Tuition paydate on Fall Semester. Good thing Spring semester isn't due till Jan 1st. Sorority dues, a new key card/id, and the tuition all in one month hit hard. This should be so much easier to anticipate. Also, I'll know the amount I need for August 2010 for tuition and dues and can budget accordingly now. It's a pain not knowing what to expect and then getting bit in the butt. -- ETA --- Tuition paid, lump stuck in my throat for the last three months - gone.
Did you know it's 7 weeks till Christmas? Insane right? Have you all started shopping? I picked up two movies yesterday (Julia and Julie for my mother and Star Trek for my father), and have been picking up things here and there when I can, but wow, only 7 weeks. I don't think we will put up a tree at L's and my house because we are at my mother's house pretty much the whole week of Christmas anyway, so that's one less stressor. I always like to keep with tradition but with work, I don't yet know what my schedule will be that day. have to play it by ear. I do know though, that I never miss "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" --the REAL ONE, THE ANIMATED ONE, NOT the awful Jim Carrey one, and "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Those are a constant. L asked me what I am getting myself for Christmas. I hadn't thought about it really, I had one thing in mind, but can't justify the amount it would cost just yet, so I think a spa treatment of some sort would be my present to myself. How about you?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nigglies, Thanksgiving and the Mouse, Fun stuff looking forward,

You would think that now that there is the holidays are around the corner, I'd be over the moon. For the most part I am. I can't deny that. Are there still niggling issues that I have to deal with realistically and don't want to? Yes. I can't change people. I can only let them know I am their friend, their supporter in the bad and good, a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to lean on. I am only me. For some people, it's not enough. "Their devils don't go away, but this time when they wake up, I might not be around." - Juliet's Wishing Well That's ok. That's their deal. I have to do what I have to do regardless, and that's continuing being me. Truth be told though, I'm tired of being taken for granted.
On good notes, Chels is well, we've decided for Thanksgiving we are going to The Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom (WDW). I can't think that Thanksgiving Day at Disney would be any more crowded than it is any other day, so.. it'll be fun. We have an 11:40 seating so we have early dinner with Pooh Bear, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and Rabbit and then off to The Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of The Caribbean and so on... with no dishes to clean up! Whoo hoo, that decision made me happy.
The new year will be bringing plays and musicals, comedians (can you say Craig Ferguson?) and local and national musicians that I have been wanting to see. This next year is full of possibilities for theatre, travel, seeing friends more often, entertaining, and I am excited for it!
Tonight- some of my fave shows- Community and The Office. I used to love Thursday night tv, but am not so stressed about Parks and Rec and 30 Rock, so I just watch my two shows and turn the channel for the rest.
Here's to tomorrow being a great day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I hope everybody had a brilliant time! I know we did.
Popped into the new H&M store in Florida Mall today, so many cute clothes. In fact in the back there was a whole wall display that for all intensive purposes could be my Fall wardrobe once I lose more weight. I need to get down a size and I should be good to go. So many gorgeous sweaters and vests and jackets and L had this sweet wrap dress that looked amazing on her. It's been so long since I had a good clothes shop, but I'm not prepared to do it until I am back down to my reasonable weight/size in my head to spend that kind of money. When I do though, watch out H&M!

This is my mother and father on Pirate night on Disney's cruise ship The Wonder, it was my mom's 2nd cruise. She loves traveling anyway but to be on a cruise, she enjoys it even more. When you can get my father stoked about stuff like that as well, it's amazing, so YAY! Crazy people, I love them. My mother came in yesterday, then my father comes home end of December, Chel will be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well, but till then it's just my mother, my sister and I, and that means a LOT OF LAUGHTER. I am stoked to see her. I show you this photo because this is what she wore last night when she and my sister went to Downtown Disney to do the trick or treat thing. My awesome.
November, here we come :)