Thursday, October 1, 2009

October mornings filled with music

"October, the trees are stripped bare from all they wear, what do I care? October, kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, but you go on and on... you go on." October by U2. Photo by Bruce Doucet.
So October is about going on and on in the midst of it all. I'm totally down with that.
Tuition - paid. Job -not yet in hand. Chel's grades - All good. Treadmill today - done. The weather even cooperated.
Things to look forward to this month:
1. Meg coming down from up North, if I get to see her at some point great, if not it's still ok, I'll talk to her soon.

2. Southern Women's Show at the convention center. It's so funny to go and be like OMG! and people watch. Well, there's also fun shopping and stuff, so that's good.

3. Chels is home for a full week, FALL BREAK.

4. Lots of shows, local people playing out, some national acts coming, if I'm able to see a few then even better! Our Lady Peace, Joshua Radin, The Bravery,The Cult, Roger Freaking Daltrey!, Local shows, That, my friend, is what is on my mind... All a big yay! We are so lucky to have decent venues for people to play.

6. Boondock Saints 2, All Saints Day

7. Last but most definitely not least, It is WORLD PASTA DAY on October 26th and you know me and PASTA! Woot Woot!
All in all, I wish you everyone a BRILLIANT BRILLIANT OCTOBER.

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