Saturday, September 19, 2009

House vs. Apartment

When you make the decision to live in a house as opposed to living in an apartment, there are likely things you have considered. You may have decided that you just cannot deal with the noise of feet above you at 6 in the morning, or that having to find parking near your actual building is getting to be a bit tedious. I think sometimes those feelings may override the ones that should be brought to your attention when you are thinking about a house. A house brings all sorts of other things to think and be bothered with like, lawn maintenance, I don't cut my lawn, a service does, but now that I'm not working, I can't afford to have him come as often as he used to and thus, my lawn is less than stellar. A house, especially one you choose to rent because you were only going to be there till after your daughter finished high school, has a landlord. Landlords are a strange duck. My particular one hasn't raised our rent in 4 years. I don't see him doing so, I think he's just so happy to have someone in the house in this economy. That said, this house leaves a lot to be desired. We recently had no dishwasher for a month while he was shopping around for one. My disposal is still broken. The roof began to leak in late July. It's just now mid September and roofers are here to fix it TODAY. Stock photo. The delay? The landlord was negotiating with insurance to pay for it. In the mean, I had tarp on my roof. My sister and I share the house and she for one doesn't want to move. Once I am working again and probably in about a year, I will be moving. It's time. I want to decorate my own place again, have parties again, etc. I could in this house, but it just doesn't feel like mine. I won't ever buy a house, been there, seen that, not interested. Even if it's an apartment or a condo I choose this next time, it's mine and SOMEONE else can deal with the roof and the lawn and all the silliness that is "estate maintenance".

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  1. Yeah! Most of us want to own a house one day. But some of us prefer an apartment because of our current situation and we enjoy the features of an apartment. There are apartments which have lots of good and safety features. That's why we prefer it. Before making a decision, better analyze it. Maybe, researching and asking advice from some of your trusted friends may help you decide.