Friday, September 11, 2009

The taming of the Shrew

Went to last job and picked up paycheck. Woman made me wait 1/2 an hour even though I had spoken to her on Tuesday and we agreed I would come by today AT 10 to pick it up. She said "Oh, I'd forgotten all about you..." I replied "Well, I'm here now and you've known I was coming all week and if you trusted your administrative staff to do the fantastic job that they do without you screaming at them all the time, your admin could have told you I was on your calander. I'll be here in the lobby while you cut my check." SHREW. As I was leaving, I did speak to coworkers and gave them blessings so they could get through the rest of the day.. This woman was HORRIFIC to deal with micromanaging, shrill, demeaning, etc... that and the fact that after hiring me for a week decided she couldn't fund the position... Yes, I suppose it's a blessing disguise I'm not still there.

Off to Target - I have a boatload of coupons that will get me most of the stuff for FREE and you know I love me some FREE :)
ETA: I really am NOT a horrible person like I was in that office today but the way this woman said it "Oh....I'd forgotten all about YOOOOOOUUUUUU..." in that condescending way... I just couldn't let that slide.

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