Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Won't you be my neighbour?

Come on in, the gate's open. Welcome to the craziness. I have chocolate cake :) Get to know me a little It's not complicated. I'm a foreign service brat, parents traveled here there and everywhere, was in Panama at 6 weeks old, graduated Jr. High in Madrid, Spain; High School in Lima, Peru; lived in London for a few years after that, California, Maryland and now I'm based in Florida. I don't require much. I'm addicted to Diet Coke and I love Orange Popsicles.

The above said child. 18 and at Florida Southern College, studying Biology/Pre-Med. I am trying to get her to think about how to bring Forensic Psychology in there as a minor as she would be brilliant at that, but she wants to work in The Medical Examiner's office (a la Dr. G). Kids, there's no talking to them.

A theatre and band kid throughout her whole high school career, she decided that she wanted the "whole high school experience" her Sr. year and therefore dropped most of her Theatre classes and took up Swimming. Good thing she did because now she lifeguards at the University pool, making some money for herself. You go girl!

She comes home every two weeks or so, (we're an hour away from the college), I think more for me than for her, but I'm not complaining.

One of my obsessions. Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora or Briar Rose- whatever you want to call her) and Prince Phillip at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World. I'm thinking about getting a shirt made up that says "PRINCE PHILLIP'S BIT ON THE SIDE" - how do you think that would go down? We live here in Florida, so you'd think I'd have a season pass. I don't but should. I love all things Sleeping Beauty related. I also love WDW :)

This is my passion. I am no more at home than when I am with camera in hand. There is a lot I want to express but wanted to at least give some insight to me.

I love Black and White photography and primarily use it in my portraiture. I shoot digital now and miss the hell out of proper film, but as I don't have a darkroom built in the house, the cost to print, develop etc. can get insane especially as I shoot SO many photos in a sitting. I love to shoot people but have started shooting architecture as well.

Performance is always a fun thing to shoot. I get to see artists I love and they, for the most part, have been happy with the results. It's a win win.

Kicking away, Col

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