Friday, September 11, 2009

Steals and Deals at the Super Target

Is there a better store than a Super Target? I don't think so... Not only can I get Isaac Mizrahi there, I can get groceries. In that vein and the fact that I am a coupon crazy, I went shopping.
Bounce 2 month Dryer Bar(this way I don't buy dryer sheets) 2.24
4 Tide 2x Ultra Single Packs (1 load a piece)4 x 97cents 3.88
4 Reeces Peanut Butter cup 2 in a pack (2 dark choc, 2 Milk) 2.08
2 Loaves of Archer Farms Artisan Sourdough Bread 1.98
5 Archer Farms Artisan baguettes 4.95
2 Healthy Choice Frozen Meals 2.04 each 4.08
1 Can of Edge Infused Shave Gel 2.99
2 RENU eye lubricants for contact lenses 2.64 each 5.28

Total $27.48 before coupons

Bounce Target Coupon 1.50
Bounce Manufacturer Coupon 1.00
4 Tide Mfc 1.oo each 4.00
2 Reeces .52 mfc 1.04
2 Reeces .54 mfc 1.08
7 Artisan Farms Target Coupons 6.93
2 Healthy Choice Mfc 2.00 each 4.00
1 Edge Infused Mfc 2.99 2.99
2 RENU Mfc. 2.00 each 4.00 Total of Coupons used $26.54

Total after Coupons = $.94
Tax .78
Total Paid to Target = $1.72 for $27.48 worth of groceries.

It was a good trip :) Now, off to get ready for The Pet Shop Boys concert tonight.


  1. That is awesome!! Where do you get all of these coupons, just the paper?

  2. Thanks for popping in!

    Yes, I received the majority of them from the paper, my sister and I each subscribe to The Orlando Sentinal, we trade coupons with each other. Sometimes when I know it will be a good coupon insert week (anytime after a holiday weekend)I buy another copy of the paper as well. I also print some off the internet. Other places to print coupons (selection constantly changes)

    I wait for sales instead of using that particular Sunday's coupons in the week they came out. I get advance look of the next weeks Walgreens and CVS ads before they come out from, then I base my shopping on those ads and the regular stores (Publix and Target and Sweet Bay) against what coupons I have. Not every trip is as good as this Target trip but this one was too fun to not post :)

    Hope that helps. Col