Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Morning you sure look fine...The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer
It's automatic, it's hydromatic, no, it's LISTOMATIC - to do this next month
Take Chel out for her birthday
Put lawn service on hold
Call FSC Financial AId to get Chel's Fall Tuition reviewed
Send cards
Package up Goodwill stuff, take it down there
Call Fee
Decide on which 2 of the 3 HOB shows in September are the most important to me
- Citizen Cope 9/11, James 9/21, The Black Crowes 9/22,
Get tix for the Joshua Radin/Script show on 10/29
Get fares for mom's trip to MD
Set up initial appt at Cele Health
Clear out office
Set up website come hell or high water
Set up order for business cards
Go down to Mother Falcon with logo and price out shirts etc.
Oh, yeah... go to the day job....
The prodigal son, Mike, texted me the other night, in bits and pieces of Boondock Saintisms. It was a good laugh trying to have the coversation in just quotes from Boondocks. I miss him. He's working, and coming home soon (3-4 weeks).
Michael Fassbender is in X-Men as young Magneto -- THAT? Makes me beyond happy :)
Matt Mackelcan show at House of Blues with Corey Smith was great, Matt was in fine form, dancing around with the guitar, in great voice, met the new band members seem like fine fellows, great musicians, how can I go wrong? Was only allowed to shoot the first three songs, so not a lot of shots taken, but next show is at a normal bar with no photographer time limits, so I'll take a ton there. Road Trip to the Windjammer soon.
Tomorrow is 2nd shoot with this new talent Justin. Should be interesting, scouted some new locations I may use in this instance so looking forward to that. Cameron and Maddie will be shooting soon as well, they always give quality even when goofing around. Cam, David, Justin, Mike and maybe Josh(when and if he comes home) have a shoot in August, guys doing guy stuff...
Real update later - popping in before BAZINGA! Hope all is well. In the mean, have a brilliant brilliant.