Tuesday, September 15, 2009

and the New Year begins

BRILLIANT birthday weekend. L and I went to PSB on Friday night. I went movie crazy, crashed, and Sunday morning L and I went to Tampa and Sunday night Chels came home to surprise me and we went to dinner. Monday (the actual birthday) I had an interview at 9 that went swimmingly... washed bed linens, Thanks to natasha11 for the image.
This is what I officially consider the New Year, break out a new notebook... those of you who know me, I'm never without my notebook(s). Time to color the hair again, start the treadmill routine again, I like to start the September clear. So, I have my shiny clean purple notebook and a fave pen, off to take over the world!


Colin Farrell is procreating again - that can't be a bad thing.


I'm sure someone more astute than Ally Sheedy said it first but she recently said "The only constant in my life is change. " I loved that and find it hits close to home.


Fall is coming. I can't be happier. If I had my way, it would be September, October, November all year round... I don't care for the heat of Summer or the cold of Winter... so I'm kind of like baby bear of Goldilocks and the Three Bears... I want things "just right" and it's never more right than Fall as far as I'm concerned... Fall means plaid to me, wool, fires, slow cooker comfort food, all good things.


Started updating the house. Took down a photo of Chelsea in Leicester Square taking photos of pigeons and put up a framed copy of a painting that states simply "I love you every day", put up some of my own photography, started really looking at books and videos that need culling. Much to do on the punch lists and why not start looking seriously at the lists now that September has come? Chels gifted me some Mexican heather and told me it supposedly sprouts like a madman, so I may have to repot it when it gets bigger but now it looks just fine in my also gifted purple pot on my desk. It's showing to be a lovely day :)


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