Thursday, October 29, 2009

TRADITION!!! and small steps

Tradition! At my house the holidays are taken very seriously but not in the religious sort of way. I hate to say it like that, but it's true. We don't go crazy on birthdays or anniversaries, but Christmas is another ballgame altogether. I think it stems back from the fact that my father was 1 of 7 children, and the oldest. He had three sisters and 3 brothers all younger than him and Christmas morning wasn't the most homey family time for him, it was a mad dash to the tree and people just tearing the crap out of wrapping paper en masse. That and the fact that he loves to surprise his girls. That would be my mother, his wife of 43 years, my sister, my daughter and myself. So Christmas morning, even when we think the festivities are over, the last gift unwrapped, he has something else up his sleeve. Last year we got him good, because we were the ones who had the very last pressie, which of course was for him, after he thought he did. I can't begin to show you photos of our tree on Christmas morning because I would be embarrassed at the among of pressies under the tree, but I justify this in my head because we don't go crazy at any other time of year and it's only the 5 of us.

One of our traditions is that after October 1st, no one is allowed to buy any media (Cd's, books, movies, anything like that) or any non-essentials. You can buy socks and groceries obviously, but other than that NO BUYING FOR ONESELF after October 1st. Another of our traditions is that we are allowed to open up our stockings and 1 pressie from under the tree and we can pick that pressie, but the other people have a veto power they can use on our choice, so we may have to pick another. Usually, the pressie is something like a book to read the night before Christmas morning, new Filofax inserts, something to keep us busy and not thinking about the morning fun still to come. Me, I am CHRISTMAS crazy, I want to get everyone everything on their list and see their faces, it's much more fun for me that way. I used to be such a terrible snoop when I was little. When I was in 4th grade, I found where my parents hid the pressies, and was so bold as to unwrap some of the Barbies I got that year and actually play with them in my room until I got caught. needless to say, I didn't have Barbies under the tree Christmas morning, and I never saw those particular ones again, so... lesson learned.

Another tradition we have is around food. We almost always have Lasagna on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning there is and has always been Cinnamon Rolls, not just any, they have to be Grands Cinnamon Rolls. Now, mind you, I am allergic to cinnamon, my uvula, you know the little thing in the back of your throat that hangs down, swells up like a freaking golf ball and I can't breathe if I ingest too much, so I am only allowed to have like 2 cinnamon rolls and even then, only after I have had my Benadryl. Then we normally have proper dinner, with the full dining room experience to end the day. I am voting for no Thanksgiving dinner at home this year, as my father will not be here - he's still on contract work in VA, AND no Christmas day dinner at home, it'd be nice to go somewhere and have something different. I also don't like turkey with all the trimmings so that is where my vote comes from primarily, that and the fact that my mom hates to cook and clean up after.
In the vein of goals and small steps taking towards them, I got a call yesterday from a friend who is having a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend at a downtown club that I used to frequent quite often. He is the Lighting and Sound Manager there, so I guess he was able to get a great deal on getting private VIP room/space and he wants me to photograph the party. This is a no brainer. He is a good friend, a good guy and I'm glad to see him happy with this woman, he deserves it. I also will be able to see some other old friends who work at the club, and hey, I'm not about to get tipsy on the job, but a nosh on is going to happen for sure. I miss photographing people, events, etc, so this is another pop in the can for the business goals. YAY!

Taking little steps

Is there anything better than warm, fresh from the dryer, soft, fluffy towels? I confess, I sometimes hop in the shower when the dryer has only 20 minutes left so that I have these lovely things waiting for me when I get out. (My laundry room is a step away from my bathroom, lest you think I'm running around dripping wet through the house). After doing laundry this last weekend, and culling yet more clothes, I felt a sense of happiness and ease. It isn't hard looking at things anymore and deciding what to keep and what not to because I want to pare down so badly, all I do is say "Do you make me happy?" "Do you bring intrinsic value to my life?" "Are you something that I would miss so dearly, and can't be replaced?" and the answer to the questions decides what happens next. I love movies, music and books. Clothes, I am not attached to, except for a few pieces. I think the GBC (Great Big Cull) of media is what is happening next and that, my friends, I think will be harder. I do need to replace so many of my Cd's due to the scratches, the poor handling on my part, but am worried as some of them are not in print anymore. EBay, Amazon and the like for the most part can handle that, but I do need to think about proper care and storage for the remaining and survivors of the media cull. So research is needed for cabinetry/CD binders/and the like.
There are other reasons to want to pare down, the move, when it eventually happens, and it will, I just haven't decided when and where, is a big thing. I won't have Chelsea as she will have her own life, still in dorms, an apartment with friends or on her own, etc, and thus can and will be able to do what and when with rooms. I have some things I want to take care of before then, have all my ducks in a row, shall we say, before I make any decisions on that.
Taco Bell for lunch today, haven't had it in ages. Soft tacos, SO GOOD!, yet SOOOO BAD.
After October's task of getting my big and little goals listed, I need to start taking steps towards making them come to fruition. I have picked up the camera again after a long spell, it felt good, right and I was at home. Other goals have steps that can be taken without costing $ so I will jump on them this coming week and month. We can only do to better ourselves, however small.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Where do you find your peace?

These are a few of my favorite things. Things that bring me peace.

Books, especially Alexandra Stoddard books. I think there is probably no author who touches me creatively more than she does. I'm not a decorator and never will be. Whether or not my dining room china closet is Louis IV inspired or not I'll never know, that's not why I read her. When I figure out why, I'll let you know. Until then, I think she is brilliant and recommend her.
Music - Cd's albums, cassette tapes, doesn't matter. I think if I could not hear music or read books, I would be miserable. So here is much gratitude that I am not losing my hearing or sight. I have quite a few friends who are musicians, so I am lucky that even when I go out and a national act that I love isn't anywhere playing in our town, I can pretty much be assured there is someone I know and enjoy playing downtown.
A friend of mine asked something to the effect of "Do you ever feel like you have used all of God's favors?" the other day. I immediately replied "ALL THE TIME" Last night was a hard night for me, I was tearful and regretful, stems back from my inability to let things go and my wish that I could be better, give more, do more. I was UPSET. There's no use calling friends or family up to commiserate, I just needed to get it out, and I did. Then I was reminded, you need to forgive yourself and decide to move on. I'm not a real religious person, but last night I prayed, it seemed to help. I tried very hard to forgive myself. I woke this morning more at peace. It doesn't solve the problem as a whole, that will come, I know, but I felt better. I want to believe God doesn't run out of favors.
Little bits - Today L and I went to Sweet Bay, Publix and CVS. We used coupons everywhere we went. I walked out of Sweet Bay with a glass jar of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) normally priced at 5.67, 1 pound of butter quarters, a dozen eggs, and a 5lb bag of sugar for $1.19. Why? Because I used coupons. I am not so vain or shy that I can't use coupons, and you shouldn't be either. Why not use them if they let you use your real money on other things you need/want. I have no need for butter quarters, EVOO, or a 5lb bag of sugar, but my sister, an extraordinary cook and sometimes baker does, so I gave them to her. Little bits people, here and there, they add up to help one's budget, and in this case, one's happiness in helping.
FYI - It's World Pasta Day today, hope you all found some gorgeous Fettuccine Alfredo or some Linguine Pesto to nosh on.. I completely forgot until dinnertime had well been over. Thinking I'll make up for it tomorrow :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Disney, Being 4, The Collegiate, Work

What is it about Disney that makes us 4-7 year old children again when we, as adults, go there with the kids? I don't know, but I don't fight it. Fiona, 4 years old.

To be 4 at Disney World is a magical thing. You aren't the jaded 7 year old who has seen it all, and knows everything. When Belle or Cinderella hugs you, it's A BIG DEAL, DUDE!!!
Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet invite you to breakfast? You can't say no to that!

I am a grown up. I am not 4. I cannot honestly tell you that when Aurora hugged me the first time I met her in my 30's, it wasn't a big deal. I cannot honestly tell you I didn't burst into tears like a big baby cause I was so happy. That would be a lie. I'm glad Fee had more composure and maturity to just curtsy at Belle. I am still waiting to meet Prince Phillip and Maleficent. Merriweather as well, she is my fave fairy. HINT HINT, Christopher, if you made that happen, that would be the biggest coup you ever pulled off. That would complete my Disney dream. I have been visiting Walt Disney World since the year it opened, even when we lived in other states, we came to FL to visit family, but we ALWAYS went to Disney World. I went to Disneyland when I lived in CA, but it didn't measure up (even though the castle was Sleeping Beauty's). We now live about 15 minutes away from the front gate of The Magic Kingdom. Once I am back in happy finances, this princess is getting herself an annual pass. You never know when you have baby cousins come to town... someone needs to take them there, why not me?


Had lunch with this child today... took her white short formal dress up for her sorority induction ceremony later in the month, as well as some hoodies and long sleeve shirts, because "mom, it was freezing up here the other night!" Wanted to take her off campus for lunch, so we went to Panera, laughed a lot, drove, laughed some more, made plans for the holidays, laughed even more. I'm so happy she's doing well, she's involved in intramural sports, her volleyball team is in semi finals, her "sisters" seem to be nice people. She has a clear direction of where she wants to be and how and what it's going to take for her to get there. So much more of a grown up than I was at her age. Shoot, sometimes, she's more grown up than I am now. I was glad to catch up with her and I have a sneaky and great feeling that she was happy to have had some Chellie/Mommi time with me. Oh hey, heads up-Panera has a shortbread cookie that is so deceptively delish, the fat content I cannot begin to think about, but MY GOD, that was a wonderful cookie! That said, since we started back on program I've lost 2.6 pounds, the real weigh in is on Monday, I'll let you know what the outcome is.
My interview with the cable company went well. I was there from 10 until 3 in the afternoon as I had two interviews and then they sent me for drug testing, that has to be a good sign, right? They said I would hear from them within 7-10 days depending on getting back the drug test and the references etc. There are many other people vying for positions, so I was happy to get as far as I did so soon. Here is praying that I do get this, because it will make Spring Semester so much less stressful for me, as well as maybe getting a start on really paying down debt. I leave you with the wish that you pray for me and mine and I will for you and yours.

Monday, October 19, 2009

More Portraiture, Weighty Issues, Moving, Employment

Top to bottom, Left to right - Josh Wilson, Brian Wood, Chris and a photo of me that was taken by Jan Gay. I was 21, almost 22 at that time. I would like to think that besides the weight, I haven't changed that much. The hair colors have changed over the years, the cut, but for the most part I'm the same. I started on Weight Watchers again today. I was at my heaviest about 3 months ago, I have since lost weight, but feel I need a kick start and points have always worked before so I thought why mess with a good thing. To be honest. I don't want or need to weigh 132, which is what I was in that photo, but I'd like to resemble myself a little more than I do now. So, as I go on, I will post what I've lost or gained once a week, here's to getting back to me :)
I love black and white photography best. Now that I am digital, thank you Chris, I can just shoot in black and white or color and make changes from there. But I do love the starkness of it, the details seem to shine through more. I love the details.
Last night, I moved back into my house. I'd been spending the last week at my parent's house. My sister is house sitting for them while they are on assignment in Virginia. It was nice to go grocery shopping and come home and clean house and get laundry done. A break from the day to day and same surroundings is good, but I did miss the house, much to my surprise. I had planned on moving out within a year of me getting another job as I just didn't feel like it was MINE, I share it with my sister when she isn't house sitting my parent's home, and although neither her or my stuff is all encompassing the space, it isn't mine. Plans that I thought were progressing nicely and towards this turned out not to be so full of progress, so I am still thinking on the move, but with different requirements this time, not as worried about how many bedrooms, location, etc as before. This also gives me more time to really get the place I want. I saw two locations today, haven't checked them out, but come closer to time, I will.

Have an interview tomorrow with a nationally known cable company, if it is successful I will be in training for 4-6 weeks(paid) and then the actual job starts. Free Cable, Internet and really low cost telephone service as well your standard medical/dental, vision, 401K, STD, LTD are inclusive in the benefits, so this, for all intensive purposes is the perfect job for me. Low stress, the hours are a little wonky, at the very worst I'd get the 3-11 shift, which for me isn't hard, because I'm up that late anyway, might as well be earning money while I'm up. I have two other positions that I applied for recently that have asked me to continue in the application process, so here's faith that something great will come out of all those. I'll let you know.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Thought I would add some more of my portraiture in the blog this week, so here's the first installment. What I find behind the a lens is so different than what people think of themselves, more often than not. I love being able to show them a different view to themselves. A true view, make no mistake about that, but a different one how they perhaps never saw themselves. It brings me great joy to show a mother of a graduating high school boy the love in his eyes when is captured grabbing her for a hug, or the always serious couple caught laughing and it turns out to be their favorite shot. I don't claim to be Annie Lebowitz or Sam Jones or anybody. I'm just me, and the people I shoot are just themselves. I like it that way. I do get an opportunity now and then to shoot local and national musicians, and that is great fun, but in my heart I know portraiture is where I belong.

I think people forget that they used to be children when they think about getting photographs taken. They seem surprised at the width of their own smiles, or how shiny their eyes are. That makes me smile. They seem to lose inhibitions about 25-50 shots into a shoot and then the real fun starts.

Then there are some people who are naturals when it comes to being in front of a camera. They have no qualms about the crows feet or the crooked tooth. No hangups about anything you ask them to do. Then you have those people who are so beautiful in life, you think you can't possibly do them any more justice in film, but even then they find something that they hadn't seen in themselves. Then there's children, they are so unpredictable, but that's almost the very best part of photographing them. I can't imagine everyone not wanting to do this. I am none happier than when I get to photograph people. I, however absolutely HATE having my own picture taken. It's a weight issue, my eyes bother me, believe me, I can come up with a million reasons, so don't bother trying. I'll just stay behind here, thanks, it will benefit us both that way.

If you were asked to pose for a photo, what would your reaction be. I mean really, think about it. most of us shy away. I'm going to try and not do it so often, even if I only use those images as stepping stones to how I want to look in a few more months when I have lost the weight I aim to lose.

The true victory for me will be when I can have a photo taken of me where I am not having my hands under my chin (double chin) and my eyes are open wider and focused better on the photographer/camera. I leave you with the thought that no matter how we see ourselves, there will always be other people who see us so differently than us. We can learn so much from that. Beauty is not just what's on the surface, that's the superficial, yes there are beautiful and striking features that some people possess, but real beauty is ALWAYS in the details. The eyes, the crinkles around your nose when you smile, that scar you got as a child whilst roller skating, the birthmark, the dirt beneath a boys fingernails after he's been playing in the mud with the trucks, the ribbons on an Easter dress, the way a son looks at his mother, the way a woman looks at the man she loves, the way a child holds their parents hand. That, my friend, is beauty and you have it. It's always been there. All you have to do is look.

Oh What a week it was

Wow, it seems like I've been away much longer than a week, but my what a week it was! Started Holiday shopping. I am a crazy woman when it comes to Christmas. It is my fave holiday and it is imperative to me to have my family around on Christmas morning. If I have to work Christmas later in the day that's fine, but don't even try and mess with my Christmas morning. My mother is the most difficult person to shop for.
That child (Chelsea) came home from school, we went shopping, saw Toy Story 1&2 which we both laughed so hard through and thoroughly enjoyed, and a lovely period piece called Bright Star about the poet Keats. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Chels loves Keats so for her it was brilliant. I love this photo. It was at the Renaissance Faire in Maryland. It's one of the largest fairs in the country and we loved going there each season. She must have been in 5th or 6th grade here.
I got three, yes count them, three job calls. I won't jinx it by talking about them now, but I was ecstatic that I got the calls. Interviews scheduled for this coming week.
My mother is due to come home end of month. YAY! Her freelance contract is up. BOO! My father will be home for Christmas and then he returns back to VA for his contract. Chelsea leaves for school tomorrow night, will be back for Thanksgiving. This is Chelsea's graduation in June of this year. My dad is so proud, he's about to pop! I think it's fun to see the way they interact with her as opposed to the way they did with myself and my sister. It's just so different. I guess it's true what they say "When you have your own children you'll understand..."
It's a beautiful day here. After having such horrid heat for October, 93, but feels like 100 with the heat index, this morning called for a high of 75. Tomorrow the high is 70-72. Now THIS is my kind of weather. I still miss the colors of Fall back up north, but I don't miss the freezing cold, snow or ice. That said, I can't stand the heat here or up north so.. I know, there's no pleasing me :)
If you do NOTHING else this week, you must watch The Big Bang Theory. Why? Because Wil Wheaton is going to be guest starring on it. Need more coaxing? here: I love his wit and this show anyway so for me, it's Cake :) In fact, you need to watch all the shows on CBS' Monday night lineup. It's so worth it!
Off to try and make up the next week's shopping list, which I think will be much different than last weeks as it will not have "Chelsea food" on it. I might see the laundry room later tonight, but I'm not counting on it :) and last but not least, today's installment of THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW SO YOU CAN SLEEP TONIGHT : Chris Pine (James T. Kirk from the newest Star Trek) is working his way up to playing another icon, novelist Tom Clancy's heroic Jack Ryan.According to Variety, Pine is in early negotiations with Paramount to reboot a series that kicked off in 1990, with Alec Baldwin playing the CIA operative in 'The Hunt for Red October.' I leave you with that.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Restlessness and a Story of Toys

Restless tonight, cause I wasted the light... this is the best way to describe the way I feel today. I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin and do/go/be/have/fix something, somewhere, somehow. I get like this and for the most part my inclination leads me into trouble. I spend too much money, I eat too many sweets, I stay up too late, I go out and party too hard, you get the picture. Last night, Meg, Chel and I went to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, then had dinner at Market Street before Meggie had to catch up with some other friends and leave this morning to go back home. We had fun and as we were watching the movie I thought to myself 'this is only the second time you have been out out in two or three months.' So I mourn the days when I could hop in the car and be at the Club with the girls or the Pub with a group of friendly people, or even a movie more often with Chris, but the way things are financially, the distance between suburbia and "the city" that can't be justified in my mind for a marginal musician I would only see if I lived ten minutes from the pub, and the work schedules of some of my friends have been sent to sabotage my social life. I didn't and still don't feel like I can just go out and have a good time without footing my share of the bill. I don't like being indebted to other people even if it's just over a round of beer or a cover charge, so I just stopped going out. Once I'm working again, it will be easier for me to justify the expense of seeing live music with friends, having a happy hour meet up, and or doing a pub crawl. Until then, my jaunts, unfortunately, are going to have to be far and in between.
There's no mail today as it's Columbus Day. This brings me no joy. Getting mail, for the most part is like Christmas! I love opening my box to see a new issue of a magazine I love, or, now that it's close to the holidays, what catalogue am I in store for today? Yes, there will always be bills in our boxes, there's no stopping that, but the other stuff is what makes it fun! I can look at it like this though, tomorrow's mail will be even more awesome because it will be two day's worth.

Is it silly for a 42 year old woman to be THIS excited about seeing Toy Story 1&2 3-D as a double feature? They say that in intermission, there is Toy Story trivia... I can't wait! I love the Slinky Dog, and Rex is awesome, I think he may be my favorite. I didn't care for TS2 as much as TS1 because I didn't like Jesse. Mind you, I love Joan Cusak in all her other stuff. I can sit through it again though. TS3 is coming soon, June 18th 2010 is the date I heard. Woody, Buzz, and the rest of their toy-box friends are dumped in a day-care center after their owner Andy departs for college. Already, the movie trailer has some cute quotes: Hamm the Piggy Bank: C'mon, let's see how much we're going for on eBay...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Baby girl is coming home on Friday night. She is going to hit the Homecoming game at CHS, and then goes back up to Uni to lifeguard a swim meet, then comes back home for Fall break. A full 9 days with her home. Mind you, as most kids her age, she will either be sleeping or seeing friends for most of the time, but the she also scored some hours at her summer job whilst on break so go her! I have been doing extremely well not being a helicopter mommi. You know the hovering mommi that calls three times a week and knows the professor's names by heart, etc. We text once a week or so, call once a week or so, (in fact, I just got off the phone with her) and if need be, she or I can see each other with an hour's drive. I'll be happy to see her, but L's right, I drew up a grocery list because nowadays, there's nothing in the house that child will eat. We went shopping and I think once she's here, we'll end up going again.
Saw Inglorious Basterds and Zombieland over the weekend. Classic Tarantino was Basterds and I actually enjoyed it more than his previous and most recent films. Zombieland was gorier than I needed but fun nevertheless especially with the Ghostbusters references and Bill Murray. I recommend them both. Perhaps not just after eating, however. Also watched Blade and The Prestige. Blade because I love Norman Reedus. The Prestige, because a) Christian Bale and b)Hugh Jackman, or as The Bear likes to say"Batman and Wolverine". I love Christian Bale, and this movie was just so wonderfully shot and the story was so incredible. really a brilliant film.
All things are pointing to a "yes" on my unemployment benefits coming again.
After much delay and the extended benefits bill coming into effect, I have some hope of actually, oh, I don't know, putting a little money aside again. Bills have been paid, because let's face it, when aren't the big ones, the important ones, paid. But I gave up cable and a land line to make things easier. To tell you the truth. I don't miss the land line. Cable, now that's a whole different story. That, I may have to succumb to again. I have been looking for jobs right left and center. The problem is that FL unemployment is at something like 10.25% right now and there is an overabundance of Administrative professionals. One could say "Col, so just don't be an admin, do something else... shoot anyone can work retail, hotel, waitress..." well apparently not, because I applied. let me tell you, even what you may think are blue collar jobs that you or I could do with our hands tied behind our backs, WE CAN'T. I would be happy to be , and may I add, have been, a proud blue collar worker, but those jobs are filled as well. I'll continue to apply and will most likely get an interview for every 20 I apply for, but I will keep looking. Would love to get back to normalcy.
I leave you with the fact that Pam and Jim's wedding is tonight on The Office and Community is a great show and you should already know all that, go, eat dinner, watch the wedding. it'll be the first one I've looked forward to since Princess Diana's.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I've been drinking Diet Coke for as long as I care to remember. They say it's a mother's/housewives addiction, like perhaps Prozac. Except Diet Coke has caffeine and I am under the impression (as I, myself, do not take the medication)that Prozac does not. I am not affected by the caffeine in Diet Coke, so it can't really be justified as my high octane kick in the rear every morning in the vein that coffee is for some people. No, my addiction to Diet Coke stems from the fountain sort, the bubbles, the taste. Let me tell you now there is a HUGE difference in the taste of a fountain Diet Coke and a can or bottle. I rarely drink anymore, I don't smoke, I just bite my nails, read way too many magazines and drink Diet Coke in copious amounts. These are my vices, I say leave me to them :)
Taking my sister to the airport tomorrow, she's going up east to see a musician friend of hers who only comes to the states to play once in a blue moon. I'll be picking her up on Wednesday as well. I remember just getting the car and following a band for a small weekend. This is not what she is doing, but it reminded me of many road trips and set-ups and take downs and drums bigger than my head and tea in thermoses and late night/early morning Silver Diner and Denny's runs. For some people it's sports, some people it's Star Trek, me, it's always been about the music. You take me places whilst you are onstage, and I will GO places to see you. I miss those days. I miss good live music. We're lucky here in Florida, not only for great venues for national acts to play but also for the plethora of great local musicians we have and their amazing sense of community here. That is another post altogether. I tell you, people, music, it can change you.

Watched two pivotal movies this weekend. The first was Boondock Saints with Sean Patrick Flanery (left) and Norman Reedus(right), also starring Billy Connolly whom I adore. I'm a huge sucker for good Irish Catholic Boston boys, so this was a win from the first time I saw it back in the day. I came to it later than it was released, but now I don't know how a film fanatic couldn't have it in their library. Its message is a good one, albeit not carried out in the best and certainly not the most legal way perhaps, but it's still a good message. It doesn't hurt that Flanery's accent is superb, the Irish, not so much the Boston. The other was Rob Roy. Scotland, as far as I am concerned is my second home, so this was not only a gorgeous movie to watch, it was compelling and again a good message. Honor made him a man. Courage made him a hero. History made him a Legend. I know that's the corny tag line for the movie, but it's true. Braveheart is my favorite movie, but this ranks right there in the top five. Liam Neeson, who can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned and the goddess Jessica Lange, who plays Roy's wife Mary with such a presence and dignified grace, it wrecks me how much I love this movie.
The house is filling up with the smell of Pesto Pasta and it is amazing. My sister, I think in the knowledge that I'm quite happy to eat just cereal, cheese and good bread all my life, is making us dinner. It's not that I don't know how. I just have rare call to make myself a full on meal. So, I am thankful, my tummy will be warm, my nose happy, and my mouth wanting seconds, no doubt :) ETA - it was Delish!
I leave you with the thoughts of warm full tummies and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER AND BIG BANG THEORY :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October mornings filled with music

"October, the trees are stripped bare from all they wear, what do I care? October, kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, but you go on and on... you go on." October by U2. Photo by Bruce Doucet.
So October is about going on and on in the midst of it all. I'm totally down with that.
Tuition - paid. Job -not yet in hand. Chel's grades - All good. Treadmill today - done. The weather even cooperated.
Things to look forward to this month:
1. Meg coming down from up North, if I get to see her at some point great, if not it's still ok, I'll talk to her soon.

2. Southern Women's Show at the convention center. It's so funny to go and be like OMG! and people watch. Well, there's also fun shopping and stuff, so that's good.

3. Chels is home for a full week, FALL BREAK.

4. Lots of shows, local people playing out, some national acts coming, if I'm able to see a few then even better! Our Lady Peace, Joshua Radin, The Bravery,The Cult, Roger Freaking Daltrey!, Local shows, That, my friend, is what is on my mind... All a big yay! We are so lucky to have decent venues for people to play.

6. Boondock Saints 2, All Saints Day

7. Last but most definitely not least, It is WORLD PASTA DAY on October 26th and you know me and PASTA! Woot Woot!
All in all, I wish you everyone a BRILLIANT BRILLIANT OCTOBER.