Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The shopping, the nostalgia, the rambling, oh my!

(image - catinsosa) knows what I mean about stretching that dollar! Target and Walgreens roundup today, not my best work, but it was a good day.
Armed with my trusty coupons, my ever present Diet Coke and $....

I won't bore you with the details of the two transactions, just that Walgreens- I walked out with $27.92 worth of stuff for $4.68. Target was not as great but I'm happy because I got some things I needed and HAIR COLOUR (oh yes, my friends, IT'S TIME). Walked out of Target with $25.02 worth of stuff for $11.88. All in all not a bad trip. The woman who checked me out at Customer Service in Target was so awesome, I even left a "customer appreciation" card for her manager to put in her file for when performance evaluations come up. Groceries tomorrow.
I was feeling nostalgic the other day, I thought about how fun it would be to see FDR's production of Grease. I put the call out for any of my classmates who may have a copy of the show on VHS (as that's all there was back in the day, kiddies) to please let me know if they could copy it and ship it to me if paid for the duplication and shipping. So far only JF thinks his mom and dad may still have the old tape. I hope so. It'd be a shame if we all lost ours. Voila, Stockard Channing as Betty Rizzo. (Stock Studio photo) Given my druthers and perhaps a different path choosen, I would have hoped my foray into musical theatre/acting would have taken my 1/4 as far as that woman. I think she is a brilliant actress and as the First Lady on The West Wing she was outstanding. I joke with my own parents that if they weren't available, that Abbey and Jed Bartlett (Stockard Channing and Martin Sheen) would have been my parents of choosing.
It's a dark quiet night here. I think it wants to rain and everything in me says snuggle up in bed and read a good book. I've decided that Chili needs to be made in the very near future. I LOVE chili. Giant grocery store in Maryland has the best chili, failing homemade of course. Wendy's when it's not all liquidy is good as well. Me, I like a variety of black, red beans, corn, peppers, garlic, oregano, chili powder, you know... the usual, but I also add a little bbq beans (shh. don't tell...)to it as well, just to get a smokier flavour. Some people like it with ground beef, I can have it either that way OR vegetarian. It's brilliant with cornbread. so yes, there will be Chili.
Tomorrow - Groceries, the beginning of the media culling, OMG! I'm opening up the desk drawers that must never be opened (you know the one with all those bits and bobs we all accumulate throughout the year), if I find anything coolio, I'll let you know:) Till then!

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