Friday, November 27, 2009

In which I recap (the no tryptophan episode)

Because my family is pretty unconventional anyway, and my father is not actually in the state this holiday, my mother, sister, my daughter and I decided what better way to spend Thanksgiving Lunner (early dinner, late lunch) at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney and then heading over to AMC Pleasure Island to see "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (mom and I) and "Pirate Radio" (L and Chel). Highly disappointed with "Fantastic Mr. Fox". Was happy to see that the rat was Willem Dafoe though :) Pirate Radio, apparently was a BRILLIANT movie as per my sister, we'll probably see it together soon. I am also ecstatic because we finally get Boondock Saints here in FL. It is at Universal, so it'll be a little drive but worth it, and because I'm going to see it oh, 2 or 15 times, a nice theatre to see it in is a bonus.
Maybe it's just me, but some of the people "singing" at the Macy's parade and their songs are just noise, right?
I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.
--Alice Walker
Went and bought a phone. Chel and I went together on a Verizon family plan as it seems the majority of her friends have Verizon and so she gets free calls to them. I didn't care one way or another as long as I can call people, have people call me and text capabilities. As soon as I have it set up, I'll send out the number to those who need it.
As The Black Friday is nearing it's end, I went the whole day without buying anything but a soda. Yay me? I must say I TOTALLY missed being able to go out with my mom and sister and shop. I'll have to sort that out for next year.
It's a little less than 4 weeks till Christmas - I'm nowhere near done. I do have the holiday card envelopes addressed, so there's a starting point. We have a Secret Santa at work I am participating in, I have to buy for a little one (my 2nd cousin Fiona- now 5 years old, the youngest on my mother's side) which I haven't done in yonks and can't begin to imagine what to get her, and various and other sundry things I need to do. I need to do double time this next pay period.
Finding myself increasingly frustrated over the lack of Internet and working computer at my house. Am using Dad's computer until I get everything sorted out as far as high speed and a new computer at mine, which I hope will be sometime, end of December, early January, it's ridiculously hard to keep up with the blogs I love and the coupons and the email and fb etc. and still make it home at a decent hour.
Lots to do, a photoshoot tomorrow for family friends, getting my house ready for the holidays, laundry, and studying for what will be the worst quiz ever on Monday morning. Man did I earn this weekend.

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