Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I hope everybody had a brilliant time! I know we did.
Popped into the new H&M store in Florida Mall today, so many cute clothes. In fact in the back there was a whole wall display that for all intensive purposes could be my Fall wardrobe once I lose more weight. I need to get down a size and I should be good to go. So many gorgeous sweaters and vests and jackets and L had this sweet wrap dress that looked amazing on her. It's been so long since I had a good clothes shop, but I'm not prepared to do it until I am back down to my reasonable weight/size in my head to spend that kind of money. When I do though, watch out H&M!

This is my mother and father on Pirate night on Disney's cruise ship The Wonder, it was my mom's 2nd cruise. She loves traveling anyway but to be on a cruise, she enjoys it even more. When you can get my father stoked about stuff like that as well, it's amazing, so YAY! Crazy people, I love them. My mother came in yesterday, then my father comes home end of December, Chel will be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well, but till then it's just my mother, my sister and I, and that means a LOT OF LAUGHTER. I am stoked to see her. I show you this photo because this is what she wore last night when she and my sister went to Downtown Disney to do the trick or treat thing. My awesome.
November, here we come :)

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