Thursday, November 19, 2009

Manly men, Link Love, HOLIDAYS

Well, People Magazine has decided that Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive in 2009. Clearly, they made a major mistake, because as you and I both know, Clive Owen, he of the gorgeous eyes on your left here, is the clear choice for such a title. I'm just saying. You know who I think is a doll and who's blog is just too too fun? He's a married man, so I will refrain from saying he's a cutie to boot, oh wait, messed that up... go to Disney, bowling shirts, fedoras, kids, memorabilia, kitsch, you name it, he's got it. Good stuff!
Photo: Brendan Lynch, Flickr
This? Quite Possibly the best thing on the planet. Eggo's make for a quick breakfast and they are so yummy! I can eat Eggo's anytime anywhere. Syrup, butter or just syrup by itself. I'm going to try it with peanut butter, so I can get some protein in the morning.
Speaking of food, the birthday party for Gerard went well, we had sandwiches, chips, brownies and cookies that I baked, and a decadent cake that Yves made. He's the owner of Swan City Bakery in Lakeland, FL His cheesecake is to die for apparently, I myself don't care for cheesecake, but that's what everyone else was gushing about. The chocolate decadence cake was what I was all about. So if y'all are local and you want some yummies for a party, he'll deliver. Which I may very well do, now that Chel is at school and I am left to baking on my own and was not as happy with the results.
Started holiday cards last night, it was fun. If you haven't already given me the addy and you'd like a card, you can email me here at and I'll get one out to you, otherwise, the rest of you, expect one soon :) It's now starting to feel like the Holidays are here, Black Friday ads are leaking, I see decorations up in stores, prices are being slashed everywhere, invitations to parties are being given out, I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! I should clarify that statement. I LOVE THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING THROUGH JANUARY 2ND! I'm getting excited to see everybody back home and presents and calling everybody, and the tree and the ornaments. Hi, I'm Collette and I'm a big Christmas fangrrrrl. Aren't you glad you decided to follow the blog? Have a brilliant brilliant.

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