Friday, November 13, 2009

The Key to it all.

Hello you gorgeous key, you! Not only do you represent my coveted piece of jewelry for the next year, you also symbolize the key to doors that are opening for the first time in a few years. Due to the new job and circumstances in other parts of my life changed or in the process of changing, doors that have been closed are now open. Yes, this key will be mine this year or by my birthday next. It means far too much for it not to be. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is for me to sit down her for the first time in a week and blog. To read email and be able to answer it, to read my friends blogs, to hop on twitter and see what's been happening. Ok, so it's 9:10 p.m. on a Friday night, but you know what? I'll take it. The house is quiet, I've had dinner, spent some time with the family and now? Now it's me time. Tonight, it was so freeing for me to delete the old business myspace and all email addresses attached to it. I have kept the rebranded business myspace page(see sidebar if you care to see the page with some of my work) and the email attached to that, but eliminating the other page helped out so much with time management as well as moving on to the next chapter of where the business is heading. I suppose the key is also to a door where I am heading. That is a good thing.
The "life list", which is what I have decided to rename my bucket list (I don't like that term) has had a few check marks completed in the last two weeks, so that's exciting. Still have so much to do, on average a woman lives to be what, 90? Gotta get movin' on that list ;)
Edwin McCain is coming to town again December 28th. House of Blues. I've shot his show before, so this time it will be nice to just sit and enjoy and listen as opposed to being worried about the lighting or having to adjust exposures, etc. It's a Monday night, I'm off and I'm going. It's another thing that is starting the New Year off right for me, I'm going to more shows, more plays, more exhibitions. I stopped going out and doing it for various and sundry reasons and now, really other than exorbitant ticket prices, I'm not seeing anything stopping me this year from seeing/doing/hearing what I want.
It's official, there is a day for everything and November 15 is Clean Out Your Fridge Day. I did not know that. Good to know. I pretty much did it last week, but I'll see if there's any drips, etc that needed cleaning up.
Some of the Christmas presents I ordered have started trickling in. I'm tempted to buy some wrapping paper at the end of the week and just start wrapping stuff as it comes in. One less thing to do the week of Christmas, especially as I get NO days off that week, including Christmas (I work 12-9), so maybe getting a head start is what I should be doing. Starting to address the holiday cards now.
WOW, I feel like I just threw up all this pent up stuff all over the blog. I know I will make the time to sit and enjoy the silence more often. Man did I miss this.

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