Saturday, November 7, 2009

New logo for business, foodings,

This is the prototype of my new logo for the photography business. I had a white cotton tee shirt made with this logo in black placed on the bottom left corner of the shirt to see how much I liked it. I love it. The only tweak I am thinking about is making the "O" in the middle a camera lens. New cards will have to be made up but that's good, I need to get re branded all around. Am thisclose to deleting the old myspace accounts and the extra facebook and starting fresh. All the other photographers in this town use their names, and really, mine is so much I mean how many Collette's do you know? So yay for new vision.
Today brought yet another reason for me to be thankful. One of the things on my LIST that is an ongoing list to make my life fuller in all sorts of different ways, I was able to do. It made me happy to do it and also gave me a way to show gratitude to the power that is, the force that listens. I think everyone should make a list and try and do something on the list, even if it's an ongoing self-improvement thing, like giving gratitude on a daily basis, every day.
I lost 2 pounds last week. I am hopeful that next week will show the same if not 2 pounds more lost. We shall see. Regardless, when I went grocery shopping today, it was with healthy meals in mind. Let me tell you something as well, I bought tomatoes. I don't think I have ever bought tomatoes. I don't care for them unless they are in a sauce or chopped up in salads, and I'm talking chopped up. But I did, I bought some romas, because my L told me I could chop them as fine as those ones I love, without too many seeds, so I'm going to give them a try with my gorgeous lettuce and cucumbers... I know I'm SOOOOOO adventurous with my salad, right?Mind you, I say this whilst eating Stouffers Mac and Cheese (my comfort food if I ever had one...)

Leave it to Isaac Mizrahi to come up with craziness. His line for Liz Claiborne is too too fun and very me. But this? I love this idea! It's tartan cheesecake. I myself do not care for cheesecake, but I LOVE TARTAN and would most definitely buy one for entertaining at the holidays. Brilliant, this.
While we are on the subject of food... the glazed carrots at Cracker Barrel. I know, I know, you're shaking your head "CRACKER BARREL?!", but I am an addict for those carrots. Believe me, if I could get the recipe and just do it at home, I'd never go there.
Now, Ya'll will just have to excuse me while I go kick my sister's arse at Yahtzee :)


  1. Oh my. Cracker Barrel. I haven't eaten there for years. I'm not even sure if Las Vegas has one. :( But, I do love your new logo. It looks sweet. :)

  2. The Logo definitely catches your eye. A shutter may make you take a closer look. Thanks for swingin' by and commenting today!!