Friday, April 2, 2010

the point is to just keep moving, and to just say yes to life.

I don't know. But it's exhilarating and terrifying. I think the point is to just keep moving, and to just say yes to life." - This is what Susan Sarandon had to say about life after ending her long term relationship with Tim Robbins. This is what I agree to. Not just about relationships but the next step after a big change. In my case, it is a mixture of changes in various areas of my life. But she's right. Exhilarating and terrifying are fantastic words to describe this feeling.
The Library today. Haven't been in yonks. Our local library is so small in comparison to the one I had when I was a teenager in MD, two stories tall, one side of the top floor dedicated childrens library, the other side, you had to be a teenager to go on, or very very quiet and with your parent(s). Many a Saturday morning and afternoon was spent there after Saturday am chores were done, my dad would drop me off and I would spend hours soaking up various and sundry books, magazines, etc. I read a book about Colette the writer that at the time I thought was shocking, books on how to do stuff like investing, painting your trimwork, organizing, photography books, for "when I'm older". I ended up getting a Don Aslett book on organizing office space (which believe me kittens, I need OMG - my desk alone takes up half my bedroom square footage) and some other organizing book and Kathleen Turner's Autobiography. Love her - a broad in the truest sense, much like Sarandon, my grandmother Eula and oh, yeah, me. :)
Everyone I read is talking about Easter - my family doesn't really do the whole celebrating that anymore. I don't know why, this particular time it's because both my parents are in VA (my mom went up for a long weekend to see my dad), my daughter is in Lakeland, L and I are here, so scattered I suppose, and the fact that I don't care for Ham or Turkey and the trimmings and such, it's not a big loss for me. I don't disagree that having family around would be nice, but I'll live.
Pearl Jam has donated $210,000 to plant 33 acres worth of trees to offset the carbon emissions of its 2009 tour. The Cascade Land Conservancy will plant the trees and native plants in the Puget Sound area. -- That makes me happy, but you know what I'm thinking there are PEOPLE in Puget Sound area that could have used that $210,000 for food and shelter. I'm just saying....
Still working slowly but surely on GBC, and getting rid of things. You'd be surprised the stuff that I'm wary of letting go, but then some stuff people might think I would keep is actually stuff I had NO qualms whatsoever getting rid of. Strange. As far as the fit stuff is concerned, I have lost a total of 14 pounds, am still working on that, next weigh in is next week, haven't been exercising - fail, intake has been craptastic, because I haven't taken the time to make my self stuff, that has to change toot sweet. The DD is well, summer for her starts end of April, so we'll see if she's going to stay up at Uni to work or come home and find some work here to occupy her time till Fall Semester. That pretty much sums it up. Be back soon, till then have a brilliant brilliant.

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