Monday, March 29, 2010

April showers, plans, link love

This evening starts yet another "weekend" for me. I have a meeting tomorrow regarding an opportunity that I am interested in pursuing - we'll see how that all pans out, but other than that no solid plans. This is good. A Chill relax few days will do the body and soul good.
--------------- This <-----? makes me happy.
--------------- - so does this :)
April showers bring May flowers -- well it's not April but this morning it rained so hard on my way into work I almost stopped the car on the side of the road because I couldn't see the car in front of me. It was so bad! By like 2pm it ws the most lovely day though, Florida weather... the sybill of meteorolgist's nightmares. April is right around the corner - my high school reunion is happening - most of my class is either on their way to Lima, Peru right now or will be next week or so. A new shift bid at work, so who knows what hours I'll be working, Easter, National Tartan Day (the 6th if you're wondering) Seeing David Gray and some various and sundry projects I am working on, should make for an interesting month.
-------------- This <---- is my downfall. I have such a love/hate relationship with this site, it's not even funny. SOOOO INSPIRING! I want to go out to the Home Depot and Lowe's and Target and furniture boutiques RIGHT NOW!Seeing how I share a house with my sister at this point, and we have different design styles on some things, it's even worse for me to go to the site, but once I'm there, it sucks me in and I can literally look up at the clock and have lost a good hour. ARRRGGGHHH.
My mother leaves for Md on the 1st of April to visit my father and her family for Easter (my dad in doing some work in VA sub contracting out till May) we were supposed to go see "How to Tame your Dragon" at the movies tomorrow, but my meeting is making us postpone till she gets back on the following Tuesday, I love that my mother loves silly kids movies as much as I do. She calls them "dancing mice" movies as in "no violence and blood etc", I call it good fun. I'm so glad we get to hang out like that.
Anyhoo kittens it's getting late - to all a good night and I'll see you tomorrow after the big meeting :) Have a brilliant brilliant!

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