Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bringing it back slowly but surely......

Life is rich, life is rich if we live through it's experiences. So much to learn. If ignorance is bliss my love, I never would forget what I knew when I was young, man I know I can't hold onto April drops of rain, and then come what may, but it's hard to look, hard to look, away... -Carbon Leaf
My sister has been making bookshelves (well putting them together), she does love her books. I thought about collections today and what one person finds worthy to collect another does not. I am sure that down the line, I am going to get rid of my extensive collection of Eeyore memorabilia and most of my Sleeping Beauty stuff (well, maybe the Sleeping Beauty stuff will stick around for a grand daughter or something), but other than that, I don't really collect a lot. I love keys, iron, black preferably, and I love silver jewelry, I love cuffs (jewelry again), and movies, oh I love me some movies... what does everyone else collect?
David Gray at Hard Rock, Orlando was brilliant. he gave us 4 songs off of White Ladder (the big album) and so many other great songs from therest of his catalog. So lucky to have gotten such great seats. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire show!
I boooked the October wedding this weekend. Mike and I will be covering it together - should be super fun. The bride is making it a Halloween party reception -as in everyone changes in to their costumes after the proper ceremony. The venue looks gorgeous and there will be a horse and carriage for the bride entrance. Looking forward to it. Business is looking good. Season is starting. I'm a happier kitten :)
Work (at least this place...) is soul crushing and for now that is all I will say about that.
In other news, have a brilliant brilliant new week.

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