Sunday, April 25, 2010

7 Things wot r awesome! Farmer Collette

7 Things wot r awesome this week :):
1)I got to have dinner with my baby girl last night. Nothing fancy, just Friday's and talking and laughing and talking. She's only here for last night and today. A friend's baby shower and then she's back at school for finals week. After that she'll be staying on at a friend's house so she can attend her Sr. sister's graduation and then she is back in residence halls for Summer session, which she is taking to get some required courses out of the way while she is working at Panera and the day care center on site at school. Wow to be 18 again, well, almost 19, and have that kind of energy and determination.
2)Dogs in cars with their heads hanging out the windows, tongues a flappin in the breeze. It's almost as if they are smiling :)
3)The fact that I petted a gopher turtle this weekend, and the fact that I didn't run over a armadillo making his way across one of our busier back streets late last night.
4)I am employed.
5)The Sunday paper and all the ads and coupon inserts that come with it.
6)Helping women who are old enough to be my grandmother program their remote control so that the cable AND the tv turn on and off at the same time and being told I am a "computer guru' because of it. LOL
7)The sun shining through work windows reminding me that even though I am in here, the world is lovely and bright this fine Sunday morning.
This evening is grocery shopping - my cart full of produce. Do you ever get to that point where you are literally craving nothing but veg and fruit? Cold, crisp, wet fresh produce? It only hits me every once in a while, but when it does, I have to run and take advantage of the feeling. My sister has planted that great container garden, cucumbers, peppers, spices, tomatoes, three different kinds of lettuce, and it's yummo lettuce, I can't wait for the cucs to start coming in. So, tonight me and the cucumbers, canteloupe and leafy greens are having a party!
This week is going to be busy - GBC in the house, the focus is the desk/files/storage bins and my daughter's bedroom. That itself is going to be the feat, if I can get that done, it will be a productive week. I am also taking the car in for a fuel leak that Volvo has recalled for, so no cost repair - woohoo! Various and sundry errands with the mother/sister and maybe a day of movies for me. Looking forward to it.
My reunion was last week, and although I was unable to attend (LIMA, PERU Class of 1985), I enjoyed looking at all the pictures everyone posted on their various facebooks/blogs etc. We had a GOOD LOOKING class, and damn didn't most of us just get better with age. Everyone looked like they had an absolute blast and I wouldn't have expected anything less than that from us. Next time, time and resources permitting I'll attend.

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