Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Tartan Day! Leaving a Legacy

Happy Tartan Day! The Tartan pictured is The Clan Keith antique tartan which sometimes is also referred to as Keith Austin tartan - a shared one. I, myself am not Scottish, but my ex mother in law was 100% and that makes my darling daughter a 1/4, so I celebrate all things Scottish. The fact that I LOVE SCOTLAND may have something more to do with it.
The majority of my day is spent sitting. I lead a sednetary lifestyle and as such I have what I call a spread of an ass. My ass is not the problem, it's my tummy. The majority of the weight loss journey goal would be to feel better and see a lower pants size because of it. Most of my blogger friends are on some kind of program or are making small changes themselves to lose some weight. I read about weight loss, I can walk on the treadmill at an incline and go for a long time, I can lose 15 pounds and my face looks slimmer, my waist is slimmer, but nothing gets rid of this tummy. It's frustrating. Any ideas would be helpful.
http://unclutterer.com/ is one of my fave new sites (well new to me).. I'm going to have a look at the book next time we're at the bookstore and maybe buy it, but I love this site!
A very rich person should leave his kids enough to do anything, but not enough to do nothing.” – Warren Buffett -- I love that quote. As a single mom, who at the most affluent of times only made $38,000 a year, have always wondered how I would be able to leave Chelsea an inheiratance, and have some to give to my grands. I have always maintained a "YES" answer to almost everything she has asked for - experiences especially, and I want to be able to continue to do that and let her do/have everything I did and more that a two parent family would be able to afford and do. I also want to be able to buy my grands their first cars and help with their college education etc. I still have no idea of how I am going to do it and I'm not getting any younger, but it has to start somehow and sometime. Her college tuition is 35,000 a year, and although for this last year, it has been subsidized a great deal by her grants, scholarships etc, her sophmore year that starts in August, I am going to have to pay more than I did this year. Do I wait till she's out of school to start planning an estate, do I put away $5.00 every paycheck, again, any ideas would be helpful if you have them.
Tonight we pick up my mother from the airport (she's been in VA visiting my father who is there for work till mid May) it'll be nice to have her back, but it's been nice just L and me here as well. I took off yesterday because I wasn't feeling well and now have the next 6 days off (I go back to work on Monday) to look at situations and make plans accordingly. Thursday I find out what my new shift will be starting May, which in turn will give me Fri- Sun to decided what my next move is. That is what it's about - moving forward.
Have a brilliant brilliant.


  1. I have to say, Pilates did so much for me in terms of changing the shape of my body. I never totally managed to get rid of all of the pooch in my belly (guess I'm just built that way) but it helped TREMENDOUSLY. And I only do an hour, once a week, so not a serious time commitment. You might look into it! *HUGS!*

  2. LALAS!!!! HELLO! Thanks, L has some pilates stuff and I am going to start the Bob and Jillian BL dvd's this week, but yoga and pilates are some of the things I was interested in seeing if they worked. I will chek into it further, Thanks!