Friday, April 9, 2010

Bids, Trimming the fat, LCL Photography and the GBC

Got my shift bid results in. Starting May 1st, I work Sat-Sun 7:30-5:30, Monday 7:30-11:30am, Tues- Weds - OFF, Friday 7:30-5:30. Still no weekends off, but I get out before it gets dark, so that's a redeeming feature. Anyway, it will just have to do until my plans come to fruition, I am hopeful that will be sooner rather than later and the steps I am taking are only helping to expedite that. In the meantime, a girl has to make her cents somehow...
Through her foundation, Cyndi Lauper is creating the first permanent shelter in New York City for homeless gay teens and young adults. The True Colors Residence is set to open next year in Harlem. That makes me happy.
Maintained my weight loss - next weigh in is in about a week, so we'll see where we are there. I am planning on buying a set of vintage keys I have had my eye on for a while now once I hit the 20 pund mark (only 6 more to go).
Went through the photo session ideas I have for the coming year and am chomping at the bit to get started. Started looking at sites as well that I will be using. I have plenty of locations and settings to use, but wanted to some new ones. Also today the firemen were out doing their big "change in the boot" fundraisers and that reminded me of the sessions with emt's and firefighters that I still have to do and that got me even more excited for the coming months. LCL Photography is going to have a busy summer regardless of what the present DAYJOB (which is the nice word for what I want to call it) has in store.
GBC is going well, unloaded a whole mess of books and some dvd's for L to donate to the library, I cleaned out the bedroom closet, got rid of almost all vestages of a prevoius relationship that really needed to be thrown out, all that's left to do with the closet is go through the huge rubbermaid container that is holding 1000's and I do mean 1000's of images, negatives, printed photos etc and get them on the external hard drive so I can get rid of the actuals. I'll keep the negs in a case just for safe keeping, in case a subject wants copies but only for a limited time. Next GBC project is the desk in the bedroom. It is a white farmhouse table, not entirely made of wood, but I love it, and I'll use it till it decides to not let me. It is covered in "things that I need to look at/do something with etc.", so that is tonight's project. L and I saw a entertainment console we both liked that will compliment the china closet I already own and is deep enough to fit the current tv we own as well as the new one we are thinking about in the future, so that's a plus.
Till tomorrow- have a brilliant brilliant.

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