Thursday, October 8, 2009

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Baby girl is coming home on Friday night. She is going to hit the Homecoming game at CHS, and then goes back up to Uni to lifeguard a swim meet, then comes back home for Fall break. A full 9 days with her home. Mind you, as most kids her age, she will either be sleeping or seeing friends for most of the time, but the she also scored some hours at her summer job whilst on break so go her! I have been doing extremely well not being a helicopter mommi. You know the hovering mommi that calls three times a week and knows the professor's names by heart, etc. We text once a week or so, call once a week or so, (in fact, I just got off the phone with her) and if need be, she or I can see each other with an hour's drive. I'll be happy to see her, but L's right, I drew up a grocery list because nowadays, there's nothing in the house that child will eat. We went shopping and I think once she's here, we'll end up going again.
Saw Inglorious Basterds and Zombieland over the weekend. Classic Tarantino was Basterds and I actually enjoyed it more than his previous and most recent films. Zombieland was gorier than I needed but fun nevertheless especially with the Ghostbusters references and Bill Murray. I recommend them both. Perhaps not just after eating, however. Also watched Blade and The Prestige. Blade because I love Norman Reedus. The Prestige, because a) Christian Bale and b)Hugh Jackman, or as The Bear likes to say"Batman and Wolverine". I love Christian Bale, and this movie was just so wonderfully shot and the story was so incredible. really a brilliant film.
All things are pointing to a "yes" on my unemployment benefits coming again.
After much delay and the extended benefits bill coming into effect, I have some hope of actually, oh, I don't know, putting a little money aside again. Bills have been paid, because let's face it, when aren't the big ones, the important ones, paid. But I gave up cable and a land line to make things easier. To tell you the truth. I don't miss the land line. Cable, now that's a whole different story. That, I may have to succumb to again. I have been looking for jobs right left and center. The problem is that FL unemployment is at something like 10.25% right now and there is an overabundance of Administrative professionals. One could say "Col, so just don't be an admin, do something else... shoot anyone can work retail, hotel, waitress..." well apparently not, because I applied. let me tell you, even what you may think are blue collar jobs that you or I could do with our hands tied behind our backs, WE CAN'T. I would be happy to be , and may I add, have been, a proud blue collar worker, but those jobs are filled as well. I'll continue to apply and will most likely get an interview for every 20 I apply for, but I will keep looking. Would love to get back to normalcy.
I leave you with the fact that Pam and Jim's wedding is tonight on The Office and Community is a great show and you should already know all that, go, eat dinner, watch the wedding. it'll be the first one I've looked forward to since Princess Diana's.

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