Monday, October 26, 2009

Where do you find your peace?

These are a few of my favorite things. Things that bring me peace.

Books, especially Alexandra Stoddard books. I think there is probably no author who touches me creatively more than she does. I'm not a decorator and never will be. Whether or not my dining room china closet is Louis IV inspired or not I'll never know, that's not why I read her. When I figure out why, I'll let you know. Until then, I think she is brilliant and recommend her.
Music - Cd's albums, cassette tapes, doesn't matter. I think if I could not hear music or read books, I would be miserable. So here is much gratitude that I am not losing my hearing or sight. I have quite a few friends who are musicians, so I am lucky that even when I go out and a national act that I love isn't anywhere playing in our town, I can pretty much be assured there is someone I know and enjoy playing downtown.
A friend of mine asked something to the effect of "Do you ever feel like you have used all of God's favors?" the other day. I immediately replied "ALL THE TIME" Last night was a hard night for me, I was tearful and regretful, stems back from my inability to let things go and my wish that I could be better, give more, do more. I was UPSET. There's no use calling friends or family up to commiserate, I just needed to get it out, and I did. Then I was reminded, you need to forgive yourself and decide to move on. I'm not a real religious person, but last night I prayed, it seemed to help. I tried very hard to forgive myself. I woke this morning more at peace. It doesn't solve the problem as a whole, that will come, I know, but I felt better. I want to believe God doesn't run out of favors.
Little bits - Today L and I went to Sweet Bay, Publix and CVS. We used coupons everywhere we went. I walked out of Sweet Bay with a glass jar of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) normally priced at 5.67, 1 pound of butter quarters, a dozen eggs, and a 5lb bag of sugar for $1.19. Why? Because I used coupons. I am not so vain or shy that I can't use coupons, and you shouldn't be either. Why not use them if they let you use your real money on other things you need/want. I have no need for butter quarters, EVOO, or a 5lb bag of sugar, but my sister, an extraordinary cook and sometimes baker does, so I gave them to her. Little bits people, here and there, they add up to help one's budget, and in this case, one's happiness in helping.
FYI - It's World Pasta Day today, hope you all found some gorgeous Fettuccine Alfredo or some Linguine Pesto to nosh on.. I completely forgot until dinnertime had well been over. Thinking I'll make up for it tomorrow :)

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