Monday, October 5, 2009


I've been drinking Diet Coke for as long as I care to remember. They say it's a mother's/housewives addiction, like perhaps Prozac. Except Diet Coke has caffeine and I am under the impression (as I, myself, do not take the medication)that Prozac does not. I am not affected by the caffeine in Diet Coke, so it can't really be justified as my high octane kick in the rear every morning in the vein that coffee is for some people. No, my addiction to Diet Coke stems from the fountain sort, the bubbles, the taste. Let me tell you now there is a HUGE difference in the taste of a fountain Diet Coke and a can or bottle. I rarely drink anymore, I don't smoke, I just bite my nails, read way too many magazines and drink Diet Coke in copious amounts. These are my vices, I say leave me to them :)
Taking my sister to the airport tomorrow, she's going up east to see a musician friend of hers who only comes to the states to play once in a blue moon. I'll be picking her up on Wednesday as well. I remember just getting the car and following a band for a small weekend. This is not what she is doing, but it reminded me of many road trips and set-ups and take downs and drums bigger than my head and tea in thermoses and late night/early morning Silver Diner and Denny's runs. For some people it's sports, some people it's Star Trek, me, it's always been about the music. You take me places whilst you are onstage, and I will GO places to see you. I miss those days. I miss good live music. We're lucky here in Florida, not only for great venues for national acts to play but also for the plethora of great local musicians we have and their amazing sense of community here. That is another post altogether. I tell you, people, music, it can change you.

Watched two pivotal movies this weekend. The first was Boondock Saints with Sean Patrick Flanery (left) and Norman Reedus(right), also starring Billy Connolly whom I adore. I'm a huge sucker for good Irish Catholic Boston boys, so this was a win from the first time I saw it back in the day. I came to it later than it was released, but now I don't know how a film fanatic couldn't have it in their library. Its message is a good one, albeit not carried out in the best and certainly not the most legal way perhaps, but it's still a good message. It doesn't hurt that Flanery's accent is superb, the Irish, not so much the Boston. The other was Rob Roy. Scotland, as far as I am concerned is my second home, so this was not only a gorgeous movie to watch, it was compelling and again a good message. Honor made him a man. Courage made him a hero. History made him a Legend. I know that's the corny tag line for the movie, but it's true. Braveheart is my favorite movie, but this ranks right there in the top five. Liam Neeson, who can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned and the goddess Jessica Lange, who plays Roy's wife Mary with such a presence and dignified grace, it wrecks me how much I love this movie.
The house is filling up with the smell of Pesto Pasta and it is amazing. My sister, I think in the knowledge that I'm quite happy to eat just cereal, cheese and good bread all my life, is making us dinner. It's not that I don't know how. I just have rare call to make myself a full on meal. So, I am thankful, my tummy will be warm, my nose happy, and my mouth wanting seconds, no doubt :) ETA - it was Delish!
I leave you with the thoughts of warm full tummies and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER AND BIG BANG THEORY :)

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