Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taking little steps

Is there anything better than warm, fresh from the dryer, soft, fluffy towels? I confess, I sometimes hop in the shower when the dryer has only 20 minutes left so that I have these lovely things waiting for me when I get out. (My laundry room is a step away from my bathroom, lest you think I'm running around dripping wet through the house). After doing laundry this last weekend, and culling yet more clothes, I felt a sense of happiness and ease. It isn't hard looking at things anymore and deciding what to keep and what not to because I want to pare down so badly, all I do is say "Do you make me happy?" "Do you bring intrinsic value to my life?" "Are you something that I would miss so dearly, and can't be replaced?" and the answer to the questions decides what happens next. I love movies, music and books. Clothes, I am not attached to, except for a few pieces. I think the GBC (Great Big Cull) of media is what is happening next and that, my friends, I think will be harder. I do need to replace so many of my Cd's due to the scratches, the poor handling on my part, but am worried as some of them are not in print anymore. EBay, Amazon and the like for the most part can handle that, but I do need to think about proper care and storage for the remaining and survivors of the media cull. So research is needed for cabinetry/CD binders/and the like.
There are other reasons to want to pare down, the move, when it eventually happens, and it will, I just haven't decided when and where, is a big thing. I won't have Chelsea as she will have her own life, still in dorms, an apartment with friends or on her own, etc, and thus can and will be able to do what and when with rooms. I have some things I want to take care of before then, have all my ducks in a row, shall we say, before I make any decisions on that.
Taco Bell for lunch today, haven't had it in ages. Soft tacos, SO GOOD!, yet SOOOO BAD.
After October's task of getting my big and little goals listed, I need to start taking steps towards making them come to fruition. I have picked up the camera again after a long spell, it felt good, right and I was at home. Other goals have steps that can be taken without costing $ so I will jump on them this coming week and month. We can only do to better ourselves, however small.

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