Friday, December 25, 2009

Warm blessings to you.

I hadn't planned on blogging this holiday weekend, as it's full of family time and the like, but I was overwhelmed today by the generosity of friends and coworkers and I'm not talking about gifts. I am talking about generosity in their actions, words, spirits, kindness. I wish we could all be like that EVERYDAY. I am striving to continue in that vein throughout the next year. Had my review today. went well. I had no doubts about my cs skills, my rapport with people, and my manner. The product knowledge was what I was worried with an even that got good reviews, so I have a few things to work on but all around a good performance appraisal.


We have no fireplace at my familial home nor at my own home and it is missed. Many a Christmas the homefires were burning, but there's really no call for it down here in Florida. I hope my loved ones in Maryland, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Kentucky, Utah and Pucciville are utilizing theirs. The snow looked horrendous when I was watching it on tele this afternoon. Stay safe I pray.


We've opened up stockings and a present, which is our tradition on Christmas eve. It's 1:22 a.m. now Christmas day, not a creature is stirring not even a mouse (I can assure you if a mouse was stirring, so would be everyone else in this house, because I would be on a chair screaming till someone came out and got it out of the house). Mine was my new planner for the New Year. I love walking into Boxing day with the new year and some of it's possibilities and special dates and appointments and concerts already filled in.


This is the time of full hearts, tummies and heads. So blessed am I. I know this. I hope you recognize your blessings when you have them and do what you need to to be a blessing in other people's lives. Merry Christmas y'all.