Friday, January 1, 2010

Plans, Goals, Holiday Madness - 2010 it's going to be intense!

I wanted to wish everyone a Brilliant New Year! has it really been a whole year? I have not been posting very much this last week as I have been taking overtime at work, family is home and obviously, the Holidays. (I don't know why I capitalize Holiday, it just seems right, L, my sister, the editor, will no doubt yell at me when she returns from South Carolina tomorrow.) Chelsea came home for Christmas and Winter Break, she leaves for St. Pete tomorrow to spend some time with a sorority sister and then she is back to Florida Southern College to lifeguard at a swim meet, then she and the boy (I call him that because I don't know what exactly he is in the great big scheme of things) are going to Disney, and then she is back home till the 11th, when another friend from MD, comes down to stay with her at the college for a few days. Then, in February she is back off to MD for a quick trip to see friends. L is going to London in May, and I have plans for Kentucky and Dallas/Ft Worth as well as some day/weekend trips here in FL. My reunion is also this year and is in Lima, Peru in April. Am trying to work the budget and vacation dates accordingly. This is going to be a big year of travel for this family - can't wait! The Planner is filling up quickly and it's only the 1st of the Year!
The job is good, I enjoy what I do, the people I work with, the money could be better, but with some OT every once in a while (and they offer it non stop) and bonuses on sales ratios, I think it's looking very good. The point is - I am happy, and as most of you know, if I'm not happy, it really doesn't matter how much $ is thrown in my face.
The last vestiges of Christmas have been put away at the familial home, except for me bagging up the tree, now sitting in the garage, for another year, I have to bring the rest of my presents back to my house, but other than that, it business as usual. The GBC at my house that was supposed to happen on Boxing Day got postponed to this coming weekend as I had overtime instead. I am excited though to start the GBC of my bedroom, lots to go through, sort, donate and/or throw out. If I don't love it, used it in the last 6 months, or it has no relevance to my life in 2010 onward, it's gone.

I wouldn't usually post personal personal stuff but find that if I do post something it does inspire me more to accomplish it because I've told someone other than my immediate family so here goes, these are just a few of 2010 goals:

Financial: 1.) Get Roth IRA set up 2)Max out my 401K match by December - right now I am contributing 2%, max match is 6% 3.)Open Christmas account - I know I go crazy every holiday, so this year I want to be uber prepared. 5.)Set aside $ for Fall 2010 tuition/sorority surprises that we didn't account for in 09.
Physical: 1.) Now that I have insurance - get full Physicals for both Chel and I, all dentists and Dr.'s appointments made in January for throughout the year. 3.) Get back on Program
4)Every month get rid of one thing. January is going to be Sweets, no candy machine at work, no gas station packs of jujy fruits, no movie candy at movies etc.

House: 1.) GBC the whole house - my room first. 2.)Have the Maid service come twice this year to do one fell swoop huge clean 3) Remember the filters, batteries for smoke alarms, light bulbs changed as needed, not waiting till we only have one light in the chandelier. 4) The front porch light and outside garage lights installed

Pocketful of Poses: 1) You had forgotten about the business, right? I know, because it seems like so had I this last year, so big focus on the business - marketing especially, I am having cards made up, little flip books, (my sister made 3 of them, on for each genre of photography I engage in - portraiture, live music/entertainment/Disney and general stock (buildings, flora, fauna etc.) and they were awesome, so I want some more of those done. I may have an ad in the two local newspapers to see what business that attracts, and of course word-of-mouth- friends will be asked to suggest me when others need a photographer.
So, there's some of them, I'm sure you have yours as well. Good luck!

I guess what this first post of the year really should sum up with is that we have all the possibilities in the world in front of us, it's really up to us to decide where, how, when, and why we do things with those possibilities. I'm on the right track and don't foresee veering off. I hope your journey brings you great things this year as well.


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  2. LOVE popping the cork on a bottle of champagne!