Sunday, December 13, 2009

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE, oh and Congress gets a slice of it's own fat...

Can't begin to tell you how busy this past week has been. The holidays fast approaching, a party I planned, photos edited and sent out to subjects, holiday cards sent out, shopping, cooking, running on little sleep, but all well worth it. It's been a great week. Next few weeks will be even better as baby girl comes home from uni on Wednesday and my father gets into town next Sunday and then of course, it will be Christmas :) !
THIS JUST IN: A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE (Well, of their own food really, but who's arguing?) Congress will get a school lunch next week when the USDA will serve them chicken fajita strips, sliced ham and canned green beans, the same products the agency gives schools across the country. This makes me happy. School lunches lack in taste, and nutrition and always have. I packed Chel's lunch more than 3/4 of her school years (including high school)
Many plans afoot for the New Year, especially now that more options are open to me than before, line items on the life list are getting crossed off faster than ever, the weekend in Miami is a no go what with scheduling conflicts, but Sari, Carl and the rest of us will get it together soon enough. April 2010 is the reunion, and that's fun. All I can say is that some little cafes in Miraflores are going to be packed to the gills come April :)
Today is Sunday, waking up when I want to, breakky with the fam, leisurely reading the paper, I have friends who can literally on a moment's notice make up a meal plan for their family that includes breakfast lunches and dinners for a week. I STILL haven't had dinner yet from last night. I am a great grocery shopper, but couldn't tell you what I am having for lunch today, much less dinner on Friday. I am in awe of these planning goddesses and aspire to be more like them in the new year. ORGANIZATION is the key people, the key! Off to be Brilliant Brilliant :)

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