Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One more step, one more step...

Today was spent taking photographs of everything that caught my eye, that spoke to me on some level, and although I really fell in love with a few of the resulting images, this one, even though the quality is nowhere near a shot I would normaly publish spoke to me louder than any other. Why? Because this is how I feel as of late. Perseverence to get up that hill, climb those proverbial stairs that will lead me to the destination I have planned. It's a long arduous journey and my little legs don't know if they can make it but, but my stubborness and my "I told you I could.." attitude is getting me one step closer to the top everyday. There are some good things coming down the pike, I just wish it was going a little faster.
The Spring GBC took hold of me again and it has translated into me calling a new landscaping service to get the lawn back to some sort of lovely. L is growing veg of all sorts - tomatos, cucumbers, dill, basil, different types of lettuce, oregano, dill, catnip and yellow peppers, so ideally, I'd like to get a raised bed for her to put the growing plants in. I also have to somehow get the non used wasp nests that are on the front entry down without wiging myself out (I don't DO bugs), and convince my sister that the front walkway plants are butt ugly and SURELY we can find other color plants to take their place. Besides that, even the chicklet got in on the action the other day, as there are now 3 bags of clothes that can be taken over to the donation center (and my chicklet doesn't buy crap clothes - so some thrifty shopper is going to be a lucky duck). Much to do, but at least I have a good start on it.

Slowly but surely, I am finding it easier to do without somethings I thought I would miss terribly, and it's saving me cents and sense as I am not worrying over those things as much. I know that in order for me to get to where I want with the business, with the house, with my emergency savings, with the travel plans, sacrifices have to be made. It's difficult in that where I am workwise is not where I'd like to be (or am used to, by far) salary wise. I'd like to think that if a better paying day job came up that I could continue to live with the same salary as before and put the surplus into those categories, but it seems there's always something more important. I wonder how many of us have that happen? I would think quite a few. I know VERY few independently wealthy people. How about you?
Have a productive brilliant brilliant.

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