Friday, March 5, 2010

The girl, the photos, the GBC

My daughter came down the ramp at OIA airport last Monday and I thought I was looking at a different child. She lives an hour away from me at University, I see her once, maybe twice every 6 weeks or so, sometimes it's more, sometimes less, but this time, it just seemed different. She was coming back from Spring Break in MD, (I know weird right? Upper East Coast kids clamor to get down here to FL, this one? She wants snow.. so off she goes to see Bff's in MD) and wasn't any taller, didn't gain or lose any dramatic weight, hadn't colored her hair. It was just different. There was something about her that just made her shine and make me look at her differently. When I get a handle on what it is, I'll let you know, but I'm still stumped. She's 18, and although there are times when she still needs me, she's pretty much doing things on her own, and maybe that's what this feeling is, I don't know. She's at Disney World today with "the boy", so I love that there's still that little kid spirit in her every once in a while.
As much as I hated to, I did a massive clean up of blogs that I read, some who hadn't posted in a year, some who make it difficult to load with all the ads and what not on the page, some that don't pertain to my life any longer. I also did it on my facebook and my myspace, it just feels like a clean start to a new month, seeing how the next week is the BIG GREAT BIG CULL at my house(I've taken off all week- 3 vacation, the rest I had off anyway) where I will be chucking out things with a vengeance, it just seemed fitting to do it virtually as well.
The job is the job. I am feeling the effects of it not being a 9-5 M-F gig more often than not, but needs must.

I have a 2 day photography conference I am going to in Miami in May, looking forward to that, as I will be going up the day before to just relax, but I really am looking forward to it, even if I walk away annoyed by the whistles and bells, I will also walk away with inspiration to the max. I have every urge to say Hey, remember that girl up there? and this will only help that.
Promise this week will be better blogging, just trying to catch up with all the reading and emails is exhausting.
have a brilliant brilliant.

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