Friday, January 22, 2010

Just passing through - it's been a while.

I've been trying to start this post for the last two weeks. I have actually started and then deleted 3x. Something always gets in the way. Time constraints for the most part, but then they say if something is important to you, you'll MAKE time for it. I had my first days off in a while planned on savoring them by doing things I want to do. Getting back up to speed on emails, blogging, catching up with friends, maybe seeing a movie, (Sherlock Holmes for the 2nd time- such a good movie- Downey Jr. already starting the sequel) and then taking my parents out to dinner. Sleep has been lacking as of late so sleeping in was just decadent and worth every second of the daylight lost.
CONAN - What an absolute class act. I don't care what NBC does now, I really only watch How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory anyway and they are ABC shows. Last night's ending of the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian was classic. If only it hadn't have been Will Farrell, who I can't stand, it would have been perfect. The song was a great fit and to see Conan playing up there classic licks on the guitar was amazing. I will miss him. I only really watch him and Craig Ferguson, so now, it looks like I am going to have to stay up even later to get my late night goodness.
Won 4 tickets to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure two park/1 day passes - ended up giving them to the daughter so she and her sorority sisters could have a day of fun as I am working so much anyway, also worth it, because I got text messages and thank you's and pictures of roller coasters sent to me, all during the day to let me in on the fun :)
The Golden Globes - although I am glad the German dude from Inglorious Basterds won an award, Tarantino as a whole was ignored again. Alas, he is the movie world's bad boy and is paying for it over and over again. he's an acquired taste and maybe the Hollywood Foreign Press just doesn't have the taste buds for him.

I was completely immersed in music over my weekend. Local, national, old videotapes, cd's, tapes, and radio. It was glorious. It never really occurs to me just how central music is in my life's priorities until night time. Last night, I watched some old videotapes (yes, videotapes, not even a dvd, of music videos we recorded in 1992. That tape was not even the oldest we own. It was fun and seeing how I had to get up this morning at 6 to get ready for work it was a nice way to still get the music without being in the city and braving traffic on a Friday night. In the past week especially, music really hit home, every song I heard seemed like it had a memory attached to it, Johnny in the car singing Journey's"Don't Stop Believing" (long before GLEE got to it and butchered it), Lou with his hands in the air imploring us to like Violent Femmes "American Music", L and I with Stevie Nicks "Stand Back", Mallorie and I driving weekends to DE with MB20's "Push", laughing literally out loud whilst being in awe of all that is the little fireplug that is Rob Danzig and "Mother". I was in the grocery store and The Sundays "Here's Where The Story Ends" came over the speakers. Surprised I was. yes, Music makes my world go round. and twirling away, I couldn't be happier.

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