Monday, February 1, 2010

I-hop, therefore I am...February Fabulousness

I miss this. I miss having the time to take photos. I miss seeing the laugh lines, the crinkles in foreheads. I miss catching a crane in his morning walk. I miss the weight of the machine in my hand. I miss the stories it helps me tell, the side of people they themselves don't see, the light at the end of the day, the haze in the early morning, the reflection of the sun on the calm lake, but there it sits, forlorn, in its safe bag waiting for the day I can play again. I hope it's soon.

-----------------I am going to be going in for surgery in September probably. I think I will wait until after my birthday, because really, who wants to have black eyes and bruising on their birthday? No, it's not what you're thinking, I'm not succumbing to the knife for a nip and tuck. I find that my eyes are my absolute fave part of my body. Not only do I find them quite lovely, they are a necessity for my love of photography. I have to have the muscles in the eyes tightened as the wandering of the eyes, as I get older is getting a little worse and I've had enough of it. My eye guy says a week and I should be able to drive again, so we'll see, my next consult is in late July.


February 1st - February is not, by history at mine, a good month. When we lived in MD, all ill will fell upon us in February, cars broke down, too much snow hindering school and work days, health problems, money problems, etc. You name it, it happened and all hell broke loose in February. I have decided to stop that curse and prophesy and hereby declare February a month of Fierce Fabulousness.


Speaking of Fabulousness -- IHOP is once again celebrating National Pancake Day on February 23rd from 10AM-7PM by offering a FREE stack of pancakes. Donations got to Children’s Miracle Network or local charities. I for one have NO problem seeing that donation and raising you a short stack :) Till next time I wish you a syrup filled brilliant brilliant.


  1. Fierce Fabulousness.....I like it. I will join in the group of people who would rather find the brightness than the gloom of a common February. Besides, isn't February the month that almost all grade school kids had a hard time learning to spell? I did.

    Thanks for the upbeat attitude, I needed that to get this month kicked off right. Oh, and you are correct about Maryland snow, more expected tonight.

    Don't let the camera stay in the bag too long...I tried it once and it lasted 30 years. I don't want to make that mistake again.

  2. lovely vintage camera. Oh I wish we had IHOP here, I adore American pancakes!